Men told self-defence not a defence for carrying knives in public

Orange Court House

Orange Court House

Two men have been warned that self defence was not a good enough reason for carrying knives in public when they were given good behaviour bonds in Orange Local Court on Monday.

Stephen Edward Stockwell, 32, formerly of Kent Avenue, was given an 18-month good behaviour bond after being found with two knives in the lane behind The Hotel Canobolas at 7.25pm on April 17.

Stockwell has previously been charged with carrying a knife in public, which led to police stopping and searching him near Lords Place.

He had a kitchen knife with a 9 centimetre blade wedged between the waistband of his pants and his stomach. In his backpack was a second knife with a 14 centimetre blade.

Stockwell was also given a 12-month good-behaviour bond, to run concurrently with his other sentence, after being found in possession of a knife in Matthews Avenue at 1.30am on March 30.

The kitchen knife was wedged between his waistband and torso, he also had a shank-style knife on a lanyard around his neck.

He said the knives were for protection as he’d been recently assaulted.

In another case, Darryl White, 32, of Wolsley Street, was given a 12-month good behaviour bond for having a kitchen knife in his possession in Robertson Park at 7pm on April 7.

He also said the knife was for protection.

For a separate charge of larceny, issued at the same time, White was given a 12-month good behaviour bond.

He was found in possession of a gold Bvlgari ring, and two bags of coloured stones, which were stolen from a Summer Street shop.

Both men’s solicitors said they told their clients they could not carry a knife for self-defence.