Imprisoned: Pair accused of kangaroo torture have sentences matched

BOTH men involved in the broadcast torture and killing of an eastern grey kangaroo will spend 10 months in jail after successfully having their sentences reduced on appeal.

Samuel Jade Woods, 21, of Bletchington Street, was sentenced in Orange Local Court in March to two years in jail, with a non-parole period of 18 months, and has been in custody since for repeatedly throwing a pig hunting knife at the kangaroo.

Kyle Berryman, 21, of Carcoar Road, Spring Hill, was sentenced in the same court to 20 months, with 15 months’ non-parole in February for filming the incident and posting it to Snapchat, but was bailed the same day. 

Both men gave evidence in Orange District Court on Friday, saying they had been trying to euthanise the kangaroo after it collided with their utility, but had gone about it the wrong way. 

Woods told the court he had benefited from a program in jail and did not want to be released before August so he could complete it.

Judge Michael King recounted the contents of the video from August 2016, which featured the knife being thrown and pulled out of the kangaroo’s skull, and a photo of Woods with the dead animal with the knife in its eye. 

“The offending conduct was both brutal and sadistic,” he said. 

“You each have equal moral culpability.”

He shortened their sentences given they were 19 at the time and it was their first time in custody. 

Both will spend 10 months on parole, with Judge King directing them to seek psychiatric help to ward off “more significant offending”.