Public comment on camping put off pending workshop | Poll

Gosling Creek Reserve
Gosling Creek Reserve

DISCUSSIONS on Tuesday night yielded no result for camping at Gosling Creek Reserve after Orange City Council deferred the matter. 

Councillors considered a recommendation to seek public comment on allowing camping on the southern side of the reserve, non-powered boating and fishing at Spring Creek Dam and no land or water-based activity at Suma Park Dam. 

However, several councillors were concerned about contamination from rubbish, fires and the $120,000 annual operational cost.

Councillor Jeff Whitton said Gosling Creek Dam was part of the water catchment.

“Most residents who live in that catchment have to go through a lot of hoops to be able to build any permanent dwellings,” he said. 

Deputy mayor Joanne McRae said the caravan park near the showground was available.

“We’re aiming to have it at 50 per cent occupancy next financial year so if we already have available places, perhaps there’s not excess demand,” she said. 

But mayor Reg Kidd said not all people would want to camp at the showground. 

“At certain times of the year up to 20 people camp at Chinamans Bend – the rubbish bins get filled up but overall they’re reasonable behaved,” he said. 

Councillor Jason Hamling said the reserve lent itself well for families.

“It’s not too far from the home – in case it does rain or get a bit cold, you can duck off back,” he said. 

Councillors also disagreed with the recommendation for Suma Park Dam, with councillor Kevin Duffy pointing out Ben Chifley Dam was used for recreation. 

“Yet we’re saying don’t go near it,” he said. 

Councillors will hold a workshop.