Motorbikes stolen in rural crime hit across Central West

Neville Damm.

Neville Damm.

A stolen motorbike could mean many things to many different people. 

It might mean being unable to go for a ride on Sunday, or it could be the only way to travel around town. 

For Neville Damm, it’s a serious health issue. 

Mr Damm recently suffered a cardiac arrest requiring a quintuple bypass, and after being released from hospital a few months ago needed some form of physical activity.

“It gets all my muscles working going up rough terrain when I take it up the mountain because I’ve got permission to do that,” he said. 

However he’s been unable ride since Easter after his white Suzuki Dio 200 Dual Sport, which cost nearly $5000, was stolen from a rural property around Mount Canobolas. 

“I’ve got road-bikes but they don’t give me the same work-out.”

“I found lately me body’s been stiffening up recently,” he said.

“I prefer riding it gives me the incentive to get up and get doing, I find it boring if I have to stand up and do something tedious [like the gym] … it’s not for me.”

Central West Police District Inspector Peter Atkins said two motorbikes had been stolen last week in the areas surrounding Orange. 

He said the district had its own special Rural Crimes Unit based in Parkes which Inspector Atkins said would look into crimes such as the theft of Mr Damm’s bike, tracking crimes to make patterns. 

“We encourage victims of rural crimes to report them so the Rural Crimes Unit can investigate,” he said. 

Mr Damm asked people to contact Central West Police District if they had information, or contact him on 0421 948 268, no questions asked.