Crash into median strip is telling as two drink drivers disqualified

Two men were fined and had their driver’s licences disqualified in Orange Local Court for mid-rage drink driving.

Paul Wallace, 56, of Amangu Close, mounted a median strip in Peisley Street on Boxing Day before he was arrested for drink driving and returned a mid-range reading of 0.136.

Magistrate David Day fined Wallace $660 and was disqualified from driving for three months.

According to police facts, Wallace had been drinking gin and solo at his business at 12.20pm before driving a Holden Commodore sedan south along Peisley Street.

He drove about 650 metres before mounting a median strip and stopping on the roadway.

A witness found him stopped in the southbound lane and gave directions to help him reverse into a car space while police were contacted.

When police arrived they found him in the car and breath tested him.

Wallace was represented in court by solicitor Mason Manwaring who handed up four references and said his client has completed the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program.

“Your Honour will note that my client is unknown to police,” Mr Manwaring said.

Mr Day said Wallace had been driving since 1979 and had received a few tickets over the years.

In an unrelated matter, Joshua Lee McLeay, 26, of Torulosa Way, was fined $880 and was disqualified from driving for five months for mid-range drink driving.

He was driving a white Holden Commodore on Bathurst Road at 2.15am on March 16 when he was stopped by police.

Police were conducting Operation Merret to reduce road-related trauma when they stopped McLeay.

He was stopped near the intersection with McLachlan Street and was arrested and taken to Orange Police Station after a breath test returned a positive reading. 

A further breath analysis returned a reading of 0.081.

McLeay was not in court but told police after his arrest he’d had three long necks of full-strength beer between 4.45pm and 6pm.