Customers forced to stop shopping after technical outage at Woolworths

Customers at Woolworths stores in Orange and around Australia have reportedly been forced to abandon trolleys full of food in the aisles after the chain was hit by a technical outage.

One shopper told the Central Western Daily “scores” of people had left the Anson Street store after 4pm on Monday afternoon after an announcement was made that the cash registers were not working.

“People are just leaving their trolley loads and walking out,” the shopper said.

“Staff are going through the trolleys and taking out fridge items.”

She said about 20 people were still waiting in queues at the cash registers hoping for a return to trade.

The shopper said staff were offering customers water while they waited.

The outage is understood to have hit Woolworths stores around Australia.

Woolworths was contacted for comment but has yet to make a statement.