Overheated car leads police to capture high-range drink driver

A man who breached a bond he was given for pulling a woman to the ground by her hair and stomping on her head has been sentenced to jail after the bond was revoked.

Mark Laurence Muldoon, 34, of Purcell Street, Portland appeared in Orange Local Court via audio visual link for sentencing on Monday for breaching the bond and for high-range drink driving in Lucknow.

He was caught with a high-range reading of 0.175 after drinking an estimated three to four schooners of cask wine as he drove from Condobolin to Lucknow, where he stopped when his car overheated.

He stopped in the dark and lifted the bonnet at 9.25pm on January 17 and when highway patrol officers stopped behind him he approached and them and asked for water for his car.

According to the police, he was unsteady, had slurred speech and there was alcohol on his breath so he was breath tested and police also discovered his car was unregistered and uninsured.

Magistrate David Day said it was wanton and foolish to drive 200 kilometres while drinking wine and gave Muldoon a 12-month good behaviour bond, disqualified him from driving for six months and ordered him to have an interlock device installed in his car for the high range drink-driving offence.

For the charges of driving an unregistered and uninsured car he was convicted without further penalty.

However, Mr Day sentenced Muldoon to nine months of jail with six months to be served without parole for breaching the bond he was given for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The jail sentence was dated from Monday meaning Muldoon could be eligible for release on October 15.

“He’s on a suspended sentence, how he avoided jail for that assault makes one think one should go to church more often,” Mr Day said.

“He grabbed the victim by her hair and stomped on her head three or four times.”

For contravening another good behaviour bond, that bond was also revoked and renewed for another 12 months.