Wicket hold-up not expected to continue

CONCERNS about the location of practice cricket wickets at Wade Park are expected to come to nought when councillors meet on Tuesday night. 

Turf has been laid at the northeast side of the park following consultation with user groups, but questions were raised about the location.

Work is yet to begin on the nets.

Community services Scott Maunder said in his report the location worked best due because it allowed extended run ups, did not conflict with other infrastructure and maintenance would be simple because it was next to the works shed.

Other locations were ruled out due to heritage concerns, sloping land or an inability to face the wickets north-south.

“There have been some comments that this location would not allow ‘hit ups’ during a fixture,” he said.

“It should be noted that this is a very limited occurrence however if it was required it could be accommodated by either enclosing the wickets or by using the indoor cricket wickets in the centre of excellence, which would be adjacent to the change rooms.”

It will be left to councillors how the matter proceeds, but asked whether he believed the wickets would remain where they were, mayor Reg Kidd responded “my word”.

“I can’t see any problems,” he said.

Meanwhile, two multipurpose courts have been deleted from the proposed cricket centre of excellence to meet budget constraints, however it would still contain four lanes. 

An application to review the scope of the project is with the state government.