Domestic violence and property damage up but most major crime rates down across region

Domestic violence and damage to property are up but most major crimes are down in Orange, the latest crime statistics have revealed.

The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research [BOCSAR] figures show that of 17 major offences in Orange, just four recorded higher crime rates in the year to December 2017 compared to the previous year.

Domestic violence assault was up from 254 to 268, indecent assault rose from 69 to 80, robbery without a weapon rose from 5 to 7 while malicious damage to property was up from 546 to 587.

However there were some big falls in the number of crimes in other areas.

Break and enter a dwelling fell from 401 to 331 and break and enter non-dwellings fell from 142 to 83 instances.

The number of non-domestic violence related assaults was down from 253 to 228, robbery with a firearm fell from 4 to zero while the number of fraud cases fell from 331 to 199.

Stealing from a motor vehicle was also down from 405 cases to 290.

Western NSW parliamentary secretary Rick Colless said that when taken over a two-year period the figures were strong with a 28.4 per cent fall in the cases of stealing from a motor vehicle and 32 per cent of cases of stealing from a dwelling.

“Thanks to the proactive approach of local police, crime rates in the Orange electorate mirrored the statewide trends,” he said.

“I would like to thank the Orange community for working with our local police and reporting crimes.”

The BOCSAR figures also show the trend in reducing crime was evident over the past five years.

It found that violent offences in Orange were down by 3.3 per cent and property offences were down by 6.1 per cent.

BOCSAR executive director Don Weatherburn said the long-term trends were good right across NSW but there were some areas with “significant crime problems.

“Local government areas such as Coonamble, Dubbo and Moree Plains still have crime rates many times higher than the state average,” he said.

However, he said overall rates of robbery and major theft in NSW were at the lowest level in more than 25 years.

That included robbery with a firearm being 90 per cent lower now than in 1990, motor vehicle theft 82 per cent lower and murder was 69 per cent lower.

However sexual assault is up 172 per cent on 1990.