Divorce leads woman to drive unlicensed

A WOMAN who has never held a licence, yet was pulled over for speeding, has been fined $700 in Orange Local Court.

Nicole Renee Jones, 38 of South Penrith, did not attend court on Monday to face the charges and was sentenced in her absence.

Police said officers were travelling east along the Mitchell Highway at Lucknow at about 10.40am on January 28 when they saw a blue BMW 3 series driving towards them.

They estimated the car to be travelling at between 120km/h and 130km/h in a 100km/zone and turned around to pull her over.

Asked to show her licence, Jones told police she had never had one and was travelling to Orange because her parents were splitting up.

Police said she did not comment on her speed, but produced a proof of age card to confirm her identity.