Aldrich counted schooners, not standard drinks

PREVIOUS guidelines on how much an adult can drink to remain under the blood alcohol limit to drive have brought one man undone, after he registered a reading of 0.110. 

Chase Denzel Aldrich, 25, of Booth Crescent, pleaded guilty in Orange Local Court on Monday to mid-range PCA.

According to police, Aldrich was driving west along Margaret Street in his red Mazda 323 at about 1.30am on January 14 when he was pulled over for a random breath test (RBT) and returned a positive reading.

He told police he had consumed six schooners of mid-strength beer at the Hotel Orange between 12pm and 11pm. 

Solicitor Aaron Suthers told the court his client had shown remorse with an early guilty plea. 

He said his client had adhered to previous recommendations for men to keep to two standard drinks in the first hour and one every hour thereafter. 

“It should be known in the community it’s no longer acceptable,” Mr Suthers said. 

He said his client had waited two hours before he drove, but was pulled over for the RBT.

There can only be one outcome, you’re affected by alcohol, it’s as simple as that.

Magistrate Bruce Williams

Magistrate Bruce Williams said the government campaign had not run for “a long, long time”.

“A person who’s four feet tall, compared to six feet tall, can’t drink two drinks in the first hour,” he said.

Mr Williams also pointed out the campaign referred to standard drinks and a schooner was more than a standard drink.

“There can only be one outcome, you’re affected by alcohol, it’s as simple as that,” he said. 

“You must have felt the 0.110.”

He fined Aldrich $1000 and disqualified him for six months.