Graham rules the roost at tenpin as he knocks out a personal best

Let’s kick off with a look at the Thursday 7.30pm Doubles, where the star bowler was Aaron Graham from Star Wars Nerds with 123 over average for the series.

Graham also won this week’s high roller champion and picked up three free practice games after rolling a personal best of 245.

Capping off an incredible week, Graham was also awarded the main man award and won the gift certificate from Guys Cuts due to the his score of 245 (PB) which was 112 over average and part of his 123 over average for the series.

The fifth female of note for February was Lisa Everett whose score of 185 (PB) was 70 over average. But, the Female of Note for February and winner of the gift certificate from MJ’s all hair – all occasions was Kim Corby who earlier in the month scored 172 (PB) which was 76 over average and part of her 100 over average for the series.

Junior of the Week and winner of the Hot Shot sport award from Domino’s Pizza was Conner Muir whose score of 180 (PB) was 86 over average.

The star bowler from the Monday juniors was Thomas Wright from Mario Brothers with 112 over average for the series.

The Almost Made It Hero for this week, and winner of the open order was Lisa Everett from Seven Seas Cafe who scored 185 (PB).

Other bowlers coming down to seek some practice during the week included Tegan Gilbey 206, Ben Lees 212, Marilyn Schwenke 219, Ron Quinlan 207, Kyle Jones 233, Trevor Lamb 204, Nick Flannery 236, Jordan Clark 225, Peter Meyers 222, Hayden Swallow 223, Elizabeth Kay 222, David Hayward 215, Alicia McFadden 203, David Quinlan 205, Steve Eslick 212`, Trevor Southwell 213, Marcus Estens 211 and Edward Johnson 206.

We also saw great bowling from plenty more bowlers during the week including Rosie Stevenson 74, Kabon Hodges 132, Hannah McLennan 129, William Rollo 148, Michelle Barlow 177, Jerome Zelukovic 152, Ray Kable 165, Jeff Wilkie 145, Barry Trott 169, Judy Cook 153, Heather Fitzpatrick 166, Verona Gavin 183, Des Britt 158, Pam Pittman 155, Marilyn Gard 158, Allen Brennan 162, Joe Wilkins 182, Thomas Wright 147, Patrick Wright 135, Brandon Osborne 154, Shane Hovey 179, Lesley Bryant 134, Cody Bryant 183, Shailyn Bryant 139, Geoff Herridge 154, Carol Jackson 150, Conner Shields 130, Conner Muir 180 (PB), Jason Blowes 182, Murphy Gavin-Sims 116, Barrie Warburton 139, Jacob Saric 133, Jayden Underhill 169, Tim Miller 168 and Geoff Thomas 195.


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