Men with prostate cancer from Orange to be included in international clinical trial

TRIAL: Orange Health Service.
TRIAL: Orange Health Service.

Men with late-stage prostate cancer in Orange will participate in an international clinical trial to test a new drug.

Trial co-ordinator and Director of Clinical Development and Medical Affairs at drug development company Noxopharm, Ian Minns, said 24 people would participate in the trial which would start soon.

“The study will be conducted in Australia and New Zealand and eastern Europe,” he said.

Mr Minns said he expected about three to five people in Orange would be involved.

“However if we had 24 people who signed up in Orange, and they were the first, then all 24 would do the trial.”

Mr Minns said the initial group was small but results might lead to a larger study.

He said they would be talking with the Orange Health Service on Friday about the trial which would be conducted at the Central West Cancer Care unit.

Mr Minns said treatment would last two weeks with follow-up over six months.

“It is experimental research, we can’t guarantee any success,” he said.

“It is the first stage of getting a new drug on the market.

“It is for patients who have reached the end of treatment. They have no further treatment options available.”

Mr Minns said some patients may see a reduction in the size of their tumors.

“These people have multiple tumors throughout their bodies.

“The ultimate goal in some patients would be the removal of the tumor but that is years away from where we are now.”

Mr Minns said people in regional and rural areas had less access to treatment than people in Sydney which increased their risks.

“We still have 3500 people did every year of prostate cancer in Australia,” he said.

“It is across the board.

“All men over 45 should be getting screened for prostate cancer.

“For all men there is a one-in-eight chance of getting prostate cancer, it obviously increases with age.

“It is the largest cancer for men”.