Faith and Life | Discipline is always key to many beliefs

Discipline is not to be sneezed at when it comes to creating a safe and worthwhile community.

Self–discipline is a means to a better life together. Another word for discipline is self-control.

When discipline goes futility comes.

We see it on our roads. I pick that up from the police who routinely have a crackdown on the insane driving actions and habits that cause road fatalities.

It takes discipline to not be distracted by a phone, to not speed to make a deadline, to not go over the alcohol limit at a social function and then drive. It takes discipline to maintain a vehicle as roadworthy.

Self-control is one need for safe driving.

Futility is what you end up when top athletes who are physically fit fail to manage their anger or their mouth.

What they say brings a degree of futility in what they are doing as persons. And a good team effort usually comes because of a sensibly disciplined team. Their effort neither pointless nor useless.

Self-control makes for good relationships and good relationships are good therapy. When discipline goes in relationships futility arises, frustrations boil over and people blow up or blow sideways.

Self-control is the making of a good relationship in marriage.

Jesus described those who follow Him as, ‘the salt of the earth.’ These are people who have a practical faith in God. This they show as they practise the discipline of living as God’s people together and in a community.

Jesus would say to us, life is not pointless and useless. He has come to give us the sort of inner life that makes for life. A life in which we experience His peace, love and joy in our inner being. And also within, the courage to order our lives.