Is this the worst football logo ever?

England football club Leeds United rolled out a new club badge on Thursday morning, but were met with almost unanimous criticism from fans and rivals alike.

The backlash was instantaneous, with fans of the club launching a petition to block the implementation of the new logo, which was signed more than 65,000 times with 12 hours of being created.

The badge shows a faceless man doing what is knows at the "Leeds salute", a common gesture among fans of the team that involves thumping your chest with your fist, while chanting "Leeds, Leeds, Leeds".

If the reception from the club's own supporters was bad enough, the mockery from the rest of the football world was even harsher - with not just rival fans, but rival clubs, immediately cracking jokes - fellow English Championship club Aston Villa pointing out that new logo resembles something seen in Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series, which, due to licensing issues, sees the real names and badges of clubs replaced with generic pseudonyms.

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Such was the negative reception that club officials are reportedly already looking at not going ahead with the design - which was created after a survey which asked 10,000 fans "What does the club mean to you?", rather than asking them to pick between logos.

The former home of Australian stars such as Harry Kewell and Mark Viduka, Leeds have endured a rough stretch since being relegated from the Premier League 15 years ago, but remain one of the best-supported clubs in England.


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