Man who played game of chance against store staff in court

Orange Court House. FILE PHOTO
Orange Court House. FILE PHOTO

A 21-year-old man who lost a game of chicken against a security worker when he trespassed at a supermarket will have to start fresh with good behaviour bonds he received in Orange Local Court last year.

Kaydan James Orcher, 20, of Adina Crescent, was re-sentenced in Orange Local Court on Monday. 

An 18-month good-behaviour bond he was given on June 29 last year was re-started from Monday.

He was given the bond for riding in a Hyundai Excel on October 19, 2016, that he knew was stolen from from Orange the previous day.

He was arrested 150 metres from the car after he and two other males tried to escape police on foot at Wentworth.

He also had to restart two 12-month good behviour bonds he was given on June 29.

He was given those bonds for riding in a silver Mercedes on November 23, 2016, that was stolen from Orange and for failing to pay for $43.57 petrol at a Molong fuel station. 

The bonds were revoked and reinstated after Orcher, who was banned from entering Khan’s IGA Supermarkets from September 21, 2017 to September 21, 2019, flouted the ban at the Bourke store on November 4.

Security phoned police who reviewed CCTV footage that showed Orcher repeatedly approaching the automatic doors and sticking his foot or head inside at 12.06pm, 12.09pm, 12.12pm and 12.13pm. 

He was convicted but not given further penalty for the trespass offence.

Sentencing magistrate David Day said it was only a low-level trespass.

“A bit of a dance is being played against the owner of the premises and [Orcher] came out second, it’s not helped by the fact he was on the bonds,” Mr Day said.