Parents kept it traditional when naming newborns last year

SHARING POPULAR NAMES: Harry and Sadie McGrath had popular names in 2017 with both names appearing in top 100 lists for the past year. Photo: ANDREW MURRAY
SHARING POPULAR NAMES: Harry and Sadie McGrath had popular names in 2017 with both names appearing in top 100 lists for the past year. Photo: ANDREW MURRAY

About half of Orange parents have stuck to the more popular names when naming babies in 2017 with 130 out of 251 babies, whose photos were taken by Central Western Daily (CWD) last year, having popular names listed in the top 100.

There were 132 baby boys and 119 baby girls born at Orange hospital who had their photos published in the newspaper who shared the popular names as listed in survey company McCrindle’s 2017 report and in websiteNameberry’s top searched names.

According the the McCrindle list Charlotte was the most popular girl’s name in Australia and was the second most popular in NSW, however only one girl by that name was published in the CWD. 

The second most popular girls name nationally was Olivia and it was number one in NSW and there were three girls with that name who were published.

The most popular male name in Australia and NSW was Oliver and there were two babies in the CWD with that name and there was one boy with the second most popular name, William.

Other top 100 girls names that were given in Orange, were six Amelias, three Isabelle/Isabels and Annabelles, two named Ava, Chloe, Grace, Ivy, Scarlett, Lucy, Audrey, Ayla and Sadie.

There was also one Mia, Isabella, Zoe, Harper, Evelyn, Matilda, Willow, Georgia, Mila/Milla, Abigail, Ellie, Jasmine, Mackenzie, Elizabeth, Poppy, Phoebe, Summer, Addison, Harriet, Claire, Aurora and Charlie.

There were four boys named Hudson, three named Charlie, Isaac, Archie and Patrick; and two named Lachlan, Henry, Liam, Samuel, Hunter, Benjamin, Levi, Archer, Sebastian, Daniel, Eli, Ashton, Carter and Spencer.

There was also one Jack, James, Lucas, Jackson, Mason, Alexander, Harrison, Jacob, Cooper, Xavier, Logan, Finn, Lincoln, Edward, Tyler, Aiden, Theodore, Arlo, Michael, Austin, Angus, Matthew, Beau, Nicholas and Dominic.   

Nick and Jess McGrath’s baby daughter Sadie only just made the list at number 100, but it is growing in popularity and was number 47 in Nameberry’s most searched for names of 2017 while the team at Babygaga predict it will make the top five this year. 

The whole family, including their son Harry and dog Max have names on the list.

"Jess and I both thought we'd just try and keep it simple. We liked both names [Harry and Sadie] and thought they'd be easy for the kids to spell,” Mr McGrath said.

"Neither is a family name. We chose middle names with a bit of a connection to our families.

"I don't know anyone else called Sadie. So either I need to get out and meet more people, or this list is bogus."

Less popular or unusual names given to boys in Orange were Lemalian, Nehan, Dashell, Laykn, Inoke, Oaklen, Storm, Rhyda, Malakai and girls with unusual or less popular names included Davey, Mariam, Kelahri-Rae, Nandunsavam, Karabo, Shehnaz, Alira, Avaline, Khaleesi, Kaitayah, Niamh.


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