LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Want to save postal service? Refuse emails

YOUR recent articles on Australia Post and the poor service they have provided have all been more or less in the acceptance of the service provided. Not one has suggested that we or our representatives should take some action to raise the standard.

This poor service can cause a number of very serious problems, such as lost medical supplies, late delivery or lost passports.

Some of the problems have occurred by the con job carried out by large companies forcing you to have your reports sent by email, telling you it is good for the environment by not using paper or charging you $3 for a paper copy.

One thing it does is to add to their profits, then puts the cost of a paper copy for your records onto you.

Then when all this mail is lost a person or persons are laid off at the mail exchange, then that mail exchange is shut down due to the lack of volume so the mail has to be taken daily to a nearby exchange, then that is not viable so it is taken every second day, so you have mail sitting around for days before any effort is made to deliver it.

We can do something about the problem: Refuse email reports. If you are going to be charged for paper reports take your business elsewhere.

It does work. 

Contact your local member and demand he or she take action through parliament.

Charles Everett


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