Man jailed after walking out of house naked in view of school

A man was sentenced in Orange Local Court on Monday for walking out of a house naked in view of a school and parents who were arriving to collect their children.

Clinton Robert Costello, 34, of Fox Street, was charged with wilful and obscene exposure near a public place and a school.

According to police facts, Costello had been in bed at 2.20pm on September 6 when his mother visited to get him up and he yelled at her to leave and followed her outside despite not having clothes on.

Police arrived a few minutes later to check on him because he was recently released from custody.

Upon seeing the police he raised his middle finger and swore at them then returned inside.

He continued abusing police when they spoke to him through the front door and after being warned to stop swearing he was arrested.

Along with the exposure charge, he was also charged with using offensive language or swearing at police in hearing distance of parents and the school.

“He was at home, he was drinking as [he was] entitled to do, he was drunk,” his solicitor Mason Manwaring said.

Costello was also charged with behaving in an offensive manner in a public place on November 1 after he tried to fight people outside a shopping centre while drunk.

According to police he had left rehabilitation the previous day and was on bail for the September 6 offences.

He was sentenced to one month in jail back-dated to November 5 for the obscene exposure and offensive behaviour charges and he was fined $500 for offensive language after pleading guilty to the three charges.

Mr Manwaring said Costello was a chronic alcoholic who had been discharged from a rehabilitation centre, for breaking a rule, before committing the offences.

He was also on parole for matters he was sentenced to in December last year and had been in custody since November 2 for the latest offences.

His date of release was Monday and he is likely to return to rehabilitation.