Dogs have their days at Wade Park for annual championship show | Photos, video

From furry to fur-less, great danes to dachshunds, dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds were paraded at Wade Park for the Orange dog show on the weekend.

The Orange and District Kennel Club’s annual championship show has been running in Orange for decades and the club’s president John Wills said there were almost 300 entrants at the weekend’s show.

"[They are] excellent quality, very, very good and there’s a couple of rarer breeds here,” Mr Wills said.

Among the rarer breeds seen at the show included Amorenekid Stark Naked, the show name given to a miniature hairless Mexican dog, also known as a xoloitzcuintli.

Other rare breeds included English toy terriers and a Havanese, the national dog of Cuba.  

“It’s slightly down on last year, there are other shows on around that clash,” Mr Wills said.

“The dates are all decided by dogs NSW, quite often there might be another local show on not too far away and there’s not so many dogs and so many owners [to attend them all].”

Video: Dogs on show in Orange on Sunday.

However, with dog owners coming from as far as Victoria there were benefits for Orange as well as competitors.

“This is a great thing for the town, [it] brings a lot of people,” Mr Wills said.

“They have to buy food and petrol and usually accommodation.”

Among the weekend’s entrants were some new and some familiar faces.

Pat Thomas exhibited miniature smooth dachshund’s Goldie and Riley Rockstar at the show on Sunday and although she now lives in Sydney she has been competing on and off for decades.

“I came from Orange originally, I would have exhibited here in 1960,” she said.

“I showed corgis too [in the past], I’ve been showing dachshunds since the 1970s, about 47 years.”

It was the second time Rachel Mill’s, of the Sydney, has competed at the show with her samoyed Kingsley and she said she’s planning to come back every year because of the atmosphere and so she can visit family.

It was also the second time Jacqui Camilleri of Orange has competed with her keeshond Kovu and the show marked the first anniversary since the pair started showing.