Councillors ask for action on Coronation Drive pedestrian crossing

BROWN'S COWS: Orange High School students cross Coronation Drive. Photo: JUDE KEOGH 1110jkschool1
BROWN'S COWS: Orange High School students cross Coronation Drive. Photo: JUDE KEOGH 1110jkschool1

STALLED traffic outside Orange High School during peak times could soon change after councillors asked for better management of the school’s pedestrian crossings. 

Councillor Sam Romano asked whether a crossing supervisor could be made available for the Coronation Drive pedestrian crossing.

“Many times the kids walk across the road in, harsh to say, dribs and drabs and the traffic builds right up back to the roundabout,” he said.

“The traffic comes to a standstill on the Mitchell Highway, Summer Street – it only lasts probably 20 minutes but I was wondering whether we can perhaps encourage the school to do something about that.”

Mayor Reg Kidd agreed, saying staff were often stationed at the Woodward Street side, supervising the students crossing. 

“It’s incredible in the mornings in particular, you can have traffic going right back over the hill on Coronation Drive, past Duntryleague, and you get one or two cars through and someone will go across,” he said.

“Perhaps if there was a staff member there too to guide them, when there’s a few there, to come across rather than higgly-piggly, it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Councillor Glenn Taylor said NSW Roads and Maritime Services only funded crossing supervisors for primary schools, but agreed something needed to be done because it also blocked the roundabout at the intersection of Coronation Drive and Woodward Street.

“Traffic in all directions is effectively stopped,” he said. 

Orange High School acting principal Helene Hamilton could not be reached for comment. 

P&C president Keith Lummis said the issue had been raised twice in his time as part of the association and although staffing was up to the school, it was something it could raise. 

“There’s probably a couple of issues – one is that the crossing doesn’t seem that safe because some motorists don’t see the pedestrian crossing at all,” he said.

“Flashing lights would be great.”

Councillor Jason Hamling also asked to review the bus stop on Coronation Drive, outside the high school.

“No buses pull up there anymore and a couple of parents asked instead of having it zoned as a bus zone, could it go to a parking zone during school hours?” he said. 

Mr Lummis said the bus stop issue had not been raised with the P&C.


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