North Orange Rotary Club raise $37,000 for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, six guide dogs come to Orange to graduate

An un-fur-lievable fundraising effort by Orange North Rotary Club raised the $35,000 required to train a guide dog.

The club gave Orange school students an opportunity to name the five-month-old puppy Autumn.

Club members were invited to Duntryleague on Tuesday to meet Autumn for the first time, as six dogs graduated as fully-fledged guide dogs.

North Orange Rotary Club was inspired to raise $37,000 for guide dogs after hearing about the experiences of Matt Bryant and his guide dog Bronco.

Mr Bryant, who is from Orange and now works with Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, said Bronco had “changed his life”.    

“Today is a fantastic day and I get goosebumps talking about guide dogs,” he said.

“I’m very passionate about what guide dogs do for vision impaired and blind people.

“Seeing these dogs graduate today… they’re going to change someone’s life.”

Guide dog mobility instructor Ryan Jones said it was great to come and visit local communities. 

He said while challenging, training guide dogs is “the best job in the world”.