Indecent behaviour and exposure lead to man being sentenced to jail

INDECENT: A man who exposed himself in view of a public event has been sentenced to jail. FILE PHOTO
INDECENT: A man who exposed himself in view of a public event has been sentenced to jail. FILE PHOTO

A man who exposed himself and committed an indecent act in view of participants at a world record attempt and fundraiser taking place at Wade Park, has been sentenced to jail. 

Geoffrey Kenneth Knight, 63, of Lords Place was seen committing the indecent act from behind a window in view of the public event at 2.40pm.

He pleaded guilty on Monday to committing an act of indecency with a person 16 years or older and willful and obscene exposure near a public place

He was seen in his lounge room, close to the window with the curtains open when he exposed himself and committed the indecent act on Saturday, September 30.

A witness told police that seeing him behaving in that manner made her feel “physically sick”.

When police arrived at 2.45pm they saw him still committing the indecent act in view of people at the event but upon seeing police he hid behind a curtain and was arrested at the scene. 

Magistrate Bruce Williams sentenced him in Orange Local Court to nine months’ jail with five months to be served without parole for the indecency charge and he sentenced him to four months’ jail for exposure. 

Both sentences will run concurrently and were back-dated to September 30. 

“His behaviour was in view of quite a large event going on at Wade Park,” Mr Williams said.

“It’s the continued nature of events, even when police arrived they could still see [him].”

Knight was in custody and appeared in court via audio visual link.

He was represented by solicitor Peter Ringbauer who said his client pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, although he had no recollection of his conduct.

“He does admit he had been drinking some beers,” Mr Ringbauer said.

“He cannot explain why he did this behaviour in a public street with large numbers of passers by.”

Knight’s criminal record had a prior matter for a very similar offence which he was charged for on July 25, 2016 and was sentenced to three months’ jail in January.