LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Romano and Previtera pledge transparency on council

PROMISES: "You want fully transparent councillors? You will have it" - Sam Romano speaking on behalf of himself and Mario Previtera.
PROMISES: "You want fully transparent councillors? You will have it" - Sam Romano speaking on behalf of himself and Mario Previtera.

To the Residents of Orange.

Any election victory is a gift from the voters. We will not let them down.

I, Sam Romano, along with Mario Previtera and our families, are incredibly humbled by how much support Orange residents have given us and the party.

We know that is a reflection of how you feel towards your local member Phil Donato. He is doing great things for our electorate.

My wife Karen and I, with our children, moved here in 2002. We still love this town as much as we did then.

Caring so much about this great slice of Australia is one of the reasons I ran again for council.  

Mario Previtera is a good friend of mine. He has lived here on an orchard his entire life and is an electrical technician with Essential Energy at the Orange depot. As with nearly all Shooter Fishers and Farmers party members he is a recreationalist.

Some people say that having political parties on local government is a mistake, when in truth you have always had it, just in the shadows.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers party candidates are unapologetic about laying our life and political principles out loud and proud.

A fully inclusive and dynamic party that the Orange residents sought out for their votes, not just in the Orange byelection but in the recent council elections.  

As Phil Donato is representing the Orange electorate on a state level, we intend to represent the people of Orange at a local government level, with the same passion and conviction.

Both Mario and I fully understand what being voted into the council of the city of Orange means.

You want fully transparent councillors? You will have it.

Critical thinking on everything that comes before council? You will have it.

Mario and I will listen to your concerns and come up with well-informed decisions based on the Orange residents’ expectations.  

Mario and I would like to congratulate the mayor, all the newly elected councillors and the councillors re-elected. We look forward to working with them over the next three years.

During the course of the election campaign we had the privilege of meeting most of the candidates while pre-polling. All of them should be congratulated whether they were elected or not.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped on polling day and throughout the election campaign.

Thank you.

Sam Romano and Mario Previtera