2017 Orange Netball Association grand finals: the lead-up






Both grand finalist sides heading into the decider as underdogs?

That’s not possible, is it?

That’s the situation leading into Saturday’s Orange Netball Association Toyota Cup decider, well, that’s what the mentors of both sides think anyway.

Orange City coach Cindy Gilchrist labelled Hawks Royal favourites, saying the Lions must be considered underdogs because the two blues won the major semi-final and earned direct progression. Orange City won through to the grand final the hard way, for the first time since 2013.

On the flip side, two blues player-coach Amanda Hurford said the Lions should be thought of as front-runners, after all, they’re searching for a 10th straight title and have more experience at this time of year than you could poke a stick at.

Who’s right?

Who knows, there’s a fair argument from both camps.

For anyone interested, the Central Western Daily sports desk is considering Orange City favourites, despite that major semi-final loss.

While we’re certain it will be an absolute epic – the second in a row after last year’s decider went to extra-time – we find it tough to look past the Lions’ record, and experience.

But in saying that, Hawks have an outstanding chance to end Orange City’s reign – if they can shift up another gear from the major semi-final.

The main game kicks off from 3.15pm on Sir Neville Howse Stadium’s show court, but of course, Saturday’s decider day is not restricted to just the Toyota Cup.

There’s another seven bumper grand finals set to be played from 12.10pm onward.

Here’s your full list of games, and times:

  • TOYOTA CUP: Hawks Royal v Orange City Lions | Court A, 3.15pm
  • DIVISION TWO: OHS Bandits v Life Studio M&D | Court A, 1.40pm
  • DIVISION THREE: Arrows v Orange City Atlas Copco | Court A, 12.10pm
  • DIVISION FOUR: Kinross 3rds v Nemesis | Court B, 1.40pm
  • DIVISION FIVE-A: Waratahs White v Orange City Ray White Real Estate | Court C 1.40pm
  • DIVISION FIVE-B: Kinross Junior A v Kinross Y12 Sogs | Court B, 12.10pm
  • DIVISION SIX: CYMS Fusion v Kinross Lightning | Court C, 12.10pm
  • DIVISION SEVEN: Waratahs Blue v CYMS Combwoods | Court D, 12.10pm