'Almost 100 per cent there': Taylor says NDR was top priority among roads | Photos

HARD AT WORK: Orange City Council road crews and contractors have completed 50 jobs in recent months. Photos: ORANGE CITY COUNCIL/FACEBOOK

HARD AT WORK: Orange City Council road crews and contractors have completed 50 jobs in recent months. Photos: ORANGE CITY COUNCIL/FACEBOOK

WITH the road building season now at an end, Orange City Council has completed almost 80 per cent of the projects it planned, in addition to some unplanned work.

Councillor Glenn Taylor said there had been about 50 road reseals, rehabilitations, traffic improvements and major projects completed. 

Among the larger projects included the William Street upgrade, an upgrade of Ophir Road to the Resource Recovery Centre and sections of the Northern Distributor Road.

Major road rehabilitation and reseals occurred at Summer Street East, March Street, Byng Street, Edward Street and Forest Road near Aerodrome Road.

Cr Taylor was happy with the completion rate and the NDR was the main priority.

“That was the one we needed to fix and and we’re almost 100 per cent there,” he said. 

However, about 20 per cent of the projects listed in September are still awaiting completion, including hot mix resurfacing for Anson Street between Moulder and Warrendine streets, Kite Street between Hill and Clinton streets, including removing the dip in the road, and Lords Place south of Gardiner Road.

Council spokesman Nick Redmond said there needed to be some flexibility as government funding came in and other roads like Stirling Avenue and Kenna Street took priority, and more work was done than originally planned. 

He said work in Maxwell Ave near Glenroi Heights Public School needed to happen during school holidays but cold weather closed the work window, while the hot mix projects were put back in order to give the NDR a higher priority.

“These projects are important and will happen in due course,” he said. 

Cr Taylor said Cargo Road, Leeds Parade and Forest Road would also be on the hit list for next season and the unspent funds would be rolled over.

Motorists are encouraged to notify the council of potholes by visiting www.orange.nsw.gov.au/reportit.

Road projects completed:

  • William Street – Byng Street to Dalton Street (stabilising and hot-mix surfacing).
  • Northern Distributor Road – Escort Way to Molong Road (hot mix surfacing). 
  • Byng Street - Clinton Street to Sampson Street (hot mix resurface).
  • Northern Distributor Road – Mitchell Highway to Icely Road (resurface).
  • Summer Street East – Summer Lane to the bridge (rehabilitation and resurface with bitumen).
  • McNeilly Avenue – Elsham Avenue to Edward Street (rehabilitation and bitumen resurface).
  • Caroline Street - Edward Street to Rose Avenue (rehabilitation and bitumen resurface).
  • Endeavour Avenue – James Cook Crescent east to Hill Street (rehabilitation and bitumen resurface).
  • Endsleigh Avenue – Warrendine Street to Franklin Road  (rehabilitation and bitumen resurface).
  • Hargraves Crescent - Heatherbrae Parade to Friendship Place (rehabilitation and bitumen resurface).
  • March Street – Clinton Street to Sampson Street  (rehabilitation and bitumen resurface).
  • Paling Street – Icely Road to Austin Street  (rehabilitation and bitumen resurface).
  • Churchill Avenue - Tobruk Crescent to Fitzroy Street (rehabilitation and bitumen resurface).
  • Pinnacle Road – Shiralee Road,  1.8 kilometres south (bitumen resurface).
  • Forest Road from Cadia Road, 1.8 kilometres south (bitumen resurface).
  • Ophir Road from the NDR to the Resource Recovery Centre.
  • Bletchington Street – Spring Street to McLachlan Street (bitumen re-seal).
  • Laurel Avenue - Racecourse Road to Cedar Street (bitumen re-seal).
  • March Street - Winter Street to Wolsley Street (bitumen re-seal).
  • Banjo Paterson Way – Ophir to Rossi drive (bitumen re-seal).
  • Hill Street – Prunus to Benelong (bitumen re-seal).
  • Lone Pine Avenue - Leumeah to Kurim Avenue (bitumen re-seal).
  • Hill Street - Roselawn to Yellowbox Way (bitumen re-seal).
  • Anson Street – Ophir Street to Casey Street (bitumen re-seal).
  • Edward Street – Kite Street to Warrendine Street (bitumen re-seal).
  • Gardiner Road – Hill street west for 260 metres (bitumen re-seal).
  • Lone Pine Avenue - Adina Crescent to South Terrace (bitumen re-seal).
  • Matthews Avenue - Lords Place to Anson Street (bitumen re-seal).
  • Churchill Avenue – Fitzroy Street to McLachlan Street (bitumen re-seal).
  • Forest Road - Aerodrome to Davis Lane (bitumen re-seal). 
  • March Street - Wolsley Street to Park Street (bitumen re-seal).
  • Forest Road - Gosling Creek to Hiney Road (bitumen re-seal).
  • Forest Road - Failford Lane to Bennett Lane (bitumen re-seal).
  • Forest Rd from Selwood Lane south 450 metres (bitumen re-seal).
  • Winter Street (project added later).
  • Stirling Avenue (project added later).
  • West Street (project added later).
  • Murray Avenue (project added later).
  • Isaac Drive (project added later).
  • Kenna Street (project added later).

Road projects still outstanding:

  • Clergate Road – Northern Distributor Road to Strathgrove Way (in progress)
  • Burendong Way (in progress)
  • Forest Road – past the hospital (funded, due to start in October)
  • Forest Road – bridge duplication (funded, tender process underway)
  • Anson Street – Moulder Street to Warrendine Street (stabilising and hot-mix surfacing).
  • Kite Street – Hill Street to Clinton Street, including removing the dip in the road (stabilising and hot-mix surfacing).
  • Lords Place from Gardiner Road to the southern end (stabilising and hot mix surfacing).
  • Maxwell Avenue - Tobruk Crescent south to Brunswick Street (rehabilitation and bitumen resurface).
  • Maxwell Avenue - Moad Street to Tobruk Crescent north (rehabilitation and bitumen resurface).


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