Jailed for $20,000 rampage of theft and destruction while on ice

One of two men who destroyed a concrete woodshed by driving the victim’s car into it and then stole antiques and collectible items from a house on the property will remain in jail until at least March next year.

Wayne Gregory Smith, 47, of Algona Crescent, has been in custody since June 15, and was sentenced to concurrent jail sentences with a maximum of 18 months.

Smith was sentenced to nine months’ non-parole for taking a Subaru wagon from a property at Strathnook Lane at Clifton Grove on December 22, 2016.

The term also applied to a charge of aggravated break and enter in company after he broke into a house and stole a Samsung tablet, a collection of coins, pennies, antique watch faces, a hunting knife, pocket knives, torch, an antique milk tin and tea caddie, $200 in cash, cuff links, axe, camp oven and two trail cameras.

He was also sentenced to three month’s jail for destroying the woodshed and items including a kitchen rangehood, gramophone, gun safe and three couches.

The value of the stolen and damaged property is estimated at $15,000 to $20,000.

The sentence also factored in his failure to appear in court.

Smith’s blood was found at the scene and he was arrested at his home, but none of the stolen property was there.

He was also sentenced to six months’ jail after he was caught on June 15 trying to steal copper guttering from a disused building at Bloomfield health campus, and three months’ jail for possessing “housebreaking tools” and intent to commit an indictable offence.   

Smith was in custody and was represented by solicitor Gerry Stapleton when he appeared via video link in Orange Local Court.

“He’s been in remand on and off since the end of last year,” Mr Stapleton said.

“He was under the influence of the drug ice and was under its effects at the time of this offence.

“He’s now back on the methadone program.”

Smith’s jail sentences were backdated to June 15 and he will be eligible for parole in March, 2018.