CSU and La Trobe University launch online petition for a Murray Darling Medical School

An online petition has been launched by regional universities, calling on the Federal Government to establish a rural medical school. 

Chika Anyanwu

Chika Anyanwu

While there was no funding given for a rural medical school in last month’s budget, regional universities have shown they will still continue their support of seeking funding for the institute. 

Charles Sturt University (CSU) has partnered with La Trobe University to advocate strongly for a Murray Darling Medical School (MDMS).

CSU head of campus Chika Anyanwu said the MDMS would prove to be a vital asset to the rural community.

“The MDMS will serve as a dedicated rural and regional medical school, giving the opportunity for local kids to become local doctors,” he said.

“The MDMS is currently at a critical juncture and is under active consideration by the Federal Government. It is now vital we activate as many local voices as we can.

“To this end, an online petition has been launched calling on the Federal Government to establish the medical school.”

With the online petition, Professor Anyanwu wants to reach as many people as possible.

“It’s a chance for people to voice their opinion,” he said.

“We have the stats to say regional doctors tend to stay here. Politics goes up and down and we need to convince them to see the need of a school. We did that before the last election.

“We’ve been hoping for a long time. We need to make our case widely known.”

The online petition can be found at www.csu.edu.au/go/murraydarlingpartnership, with the link providing further information on the MDMS.