Wednesday night massacre on show court

SQUASHING IT IN:  Kym Knight, Wayne Cornish, Yvonne Tracey and Emily Eleftheriou.
SQUASHING IT IN: Kym Knight, Wayne Cornish, Yvonne Tracey and Emily Eleftheriou.

Competitors flocked in to burn some Easter chocolate calories for the Wednesday night mixed squash competition.

Team 1 Wooding beat Team 4 Hausler with wins for Darren Wooding, George Eleftheriou and Ian Middleton while Craig doogie Hausler MD and Robyn Chapman played out another eighth five-game match, with Craig hanging on.

Team 2 Fitzgerald beat Team 3 Baker with wins for Glen Atkinson, Tony Elliot and Sonya Fitzgerald while Scott Baker beat Tom Secheny in four games.

Team 7 Elkington hung on to beat Team 5 Daquino with wins for Steve Kirk, Steve Blackwood and Chris Elkington while Charles Daquino had the Rocky theme playing in his head as he beat young Toby Baker in four games.

Team 6 Garton beat Team 8 Knight with wins for Nathan Garton, Max Gleeson and Kym Knight while Steve Elliot was walloped again, this time to Luke Kidson in a massacre.


Team 1 (5 pts) def Team 4 (1 pt)

George Eleftheriou def Mark Goes 3-0

Darren Wooding def Belinda Thurtell 3-0

Ian Middleton def Joe Hayden 3-0

Craig Hausler def Robyn Chapman 3-2

Team 2 (5 pts) def Team 3 (1 pt)

Glen Atkinson def Grant Michell 3-0

Scott Baker def Tom Secheny 3-1

Tony Elliot def Josh Earl Jones 3-0

Sonya Fitzgerald def Heather Wythes 3-0

Team 7 (4 pts) def Team 5 (2 pts)

Charles Daquino def Toby Baker 3-1

Chris Elkington def Alison Thorn 3-0

Steve Blackwood def Liam Fitzpatrick 3-0

Steve Kirk def Narelle Fowler 3-0

Team 6 (4 pts) def Team 8 (2 pts)

Luke Kidson def Steve Elliot 3-0

Nathan Garton def Peter Brearley 3-0

Kym Knight def Yvonne Tracey 3-0

Max Gleeson def Jacob Wooding 3-1


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