Gavin the high roller in empty night sky

School holidays and the Easter break make for a short week, and also, the unusual has happened again, as there are no Star Bowlers, so once more I am unable to give away the Auto Wash from Pete’s Car Wash.

But there was a High Roller champion and winner of the three free practice games, and this was Verona Gavin from the Wednesday 7.30pm Doubles who scored 218 (PB).

Kyle Jones 221, Hayden Williams 224, Nick Flannery 222, Jason Brown 225, Ken McLachlan 212, Ron Forbes 215, Georgina Clark 235, Ray Clark 208, Jason Osborne 224, Michael Quinlan 202, Elizabeth Kay 203 and Steven Broom 207 all bowled well.

This week’s Almost Made It Hero and winner of the open order from Seven Seas Cafe was Alex Malloy-Armitt who scored 179 (PB).

Others hoping for a feed included Jim Gavin 190, Tamrynn Rogers 111 (PB), Pip Hatton 99, Chloe Pike 123 (PB), Steve Heath 147, Julie Swallow 191, Coral Britt 135, Henry Phillips 191, Logan Bryant 106, Peter Toomer 195, Michael Jadezak 181, Sandy Bayers 154, Peter Kent 160, Justin Keast 155, Carli Williams 185, Emma Regan 160, Eddy Woolf 186 and Russell Jones 151.

The second Female of Note for April and next in the queue for a shot at the gift certificate from MJ’s All Hair-All Occasions was Verona Gavin whose recorded score of 218 (PB) was 72 over average.

And the second Man of the Moment for April and next in line hoping to win the gift certificate from Guys Cuts the barber was Jim Gavin (yes, they are) whose recorded score of 190 was 54 over average.

And Junior of the Week and winner of the Achievement award was Alex Malloy-Armitt whose score of 179 (PB) was 71 over average.