Final combined round features big wins

 DARTING AROUND: Rob Puckeridge hit a string of big scores again for the Tigers.
DARTING AROUND: Rob Puckeridge hit a string of big scores again for the Tigers.

There were some big wins in last week’s round of the Orange men’s darts competition.

Great Western Tigers toppled Metro Pilots 9-2, Victoria Spitfires did the same against Victoria Outcasts and Royal Renegades thumped Western Devils 10-1.

The Tigers’ Mitch Kennewell (5x100, 140,121) was deadly on his doubles. He had good support from Rob Puckeridge (7x100, 123), Barry Wicks (2x100, 2x140) and Ken Kostitch (4x100, 140).

The Pilots’ best were Justin Metcraft (2x100, 140, 121, 116), Adam Dean (2x100, 140, 138, 121), Troy Sale (140, 125, 119, 100), Jay Jordan (2x100, 140) and Mark McKenzie (100).

The Spitfires’ Jess Wiegold hit another 180, 121 and 100. Mark Wiegold (3x100, 121), Will Owers (4x100), Norm Foley (140), John Grevink (100) and Graeme Kelly (100) had good games.

The Outcasts tried hard led by Charles O'Neil (3x100), Dave Barnard (3x100), Peter Hamilton (2x100, 135) and Roy Leonard (121).

The Renegades’ best were Keith Hayward (112, 100) and Max Boney (110). The Devils’ best were Max Dennis (100), Erich von Einem (100) and Troy Speechley (64 peg).

The Ophir Deviates won the local derby 6-5 against the Ophir Nuggets but had to work hard to do it.

Nathan Fitzpatrick hit a 180, two 100s and 140. Slade Anlezark (101), Kevin Coleman (100) and Michael Whitmore (100) got the other high scores.

The Nuggets to fire were Rob Herbert (2x100, 101, 96 peg), Adam Goolagong (4x100, 120, 101), Cazim Kadec (126), Steve Ring (3x100) and Terry McInnes (100). The new split draw for Wednesday night is Tigers play Spitfires, Deviates play Pilots, Old Boys play Renegades and Nuggets play Devils. Outcasts have the bye.