Bonnie Fernando steals $472-worth of goods from Kmart

BONNIE Fernando has been fined $800 in Orange Local Court after she and a second woman stole $472 worth of clothing and cosmetics from Kmart.

Police said Fernando, aged 22 of Orchard Grove Road, and the co-accused entered Kmart just after midday on August 14.

A witness saw the two women put items into two bags before reporting it to the store manager, who contacted police.

Police reached the store after the women left and the manager gave them a description.

Officers then found the two women in the outdoor car park and searched them.

Fernando was found with 22 items of clothing and cosmetics, while the co-accused was found with 30 items.

You can’t go around stealing other people’s stuff.

Magistrate Terry Lucas

Both women denied the bags were theirs, but when pressed by police, they admitted to stealing the goods.

Fernando was on parole at the time of the incident and had previous convictions for goods in custody, damaging property, reckless wounding, assault and stalking and intimidation.

Fernando had been in custody since August 15 and Aboriginal Legal Service solicitor Nidal Abdi asked for the shoplifting matter to be dealt with via monetary penalty.

Magistrate Terry Lucas fined Fernando, telling her “You can’t go around stealing other people’s stuff”.