Jokers’ Gavin the star bowler

Last week it appeared we would start the week with no star bowlers but after consultation it was decided to find one and that person was Jim Gavin from Jokers who bowls in the Wednesday 7.30pm doubles with 98-over average for the series.

Which of course means that Jim became Star Bowler of the Week, and winner of the auto wash, compliments of Pete’s Car Wash, on the strength of the score shown above.

There was no high roller award for this week’s competition, so the three free-practice games cannot be awarded.

But as usual there were several bowlers giving it a red-hot go and some great scores as a result. 

Among them was Hayden Williams 224, Jeremy King 202, Sebastian Hodge 218, Lee Martin 201, Jordan Clark 218, Nick Flannery 259, Jason Brown 225, Tash Brett 236, Michael Quinlan 212, Josh Hunt 224, Jarrod Swallow 200, Hayden Swallow 225, Ron Forbes 207 and Dave Solly 211.

This week’s ‘Almost Made It Hero’ and winner of the open order from Seven Seas Takeaway was Josh Martin who scored a creditable 172 (PB).

Other bowlers seeking a great feed included Eddy Woolf 191, Brad Seton 187, Chris Brown 168, Heather Hooper 155, Marilyn Schwenke 193, Debbie McKeown 181, Will Mastronardi 143, Pam Pittman 181, Marilyn Gard 173.

Edward Hoogenboom 193, Ingrid James 176, Lily O’Connor 138, Jack Morrisey 117, Shane Hovey 161. Aaron Cantrill 196, Nicole Cheney 135, Donna Holland 163, Jessica Robinson 191, Tom Hodgson 194, Matt Bryant 158, Amber Callja 139, Jane Shields 153, Bailey Gilbey 129.

Mason Southwell 108, Brody Jadezak 144, Emily Powter 150, Brandon Trenholm 137, Tyler Tatnell 147 and Caitlin Furlonger 159.

The second ‘Female of Note’ for October, and next in line for a go at the gift certificate from MJ’s All Hair-All Occasions was Emily Powter whose shown score of 150 was 56 over average.

The second ‘Man of the Moment’ for October and second in the queue for a chance at the gift certificate from Guys Cuts the barber was Josh Martin whose score of 172 (PB) was 40 over average.

And Junior of the Week, and winner of the Sports award from Macca’s, making him a double winner, was Josh Martin on the strength of the scores shown above.

And yes, I managed to locate yet another Double Dipper, and this was Travis Brunt who score both 149 and an impressive 96.