Bourke tests positive for methylamphetamine

PAIN medication for a toothache has been dismissed in Orange Local Court as the cause of drugs found in a woman’s system.

Jessica Louise Bourke, 24, faced court on Monday charged with driving with an illicit drug in her blood.

According to the police statement, the Little Warrendine Street resident was driving west along Byng Street just after 2.30pm on March 3 when police stopped her Holden Barina.

The statement said due to information police had at the time, Bourke, her partner and the car were all searched, but nothing was found. 

Bourke, however tested positive for methylamphetamine, otherwise known as ice or speed, and denied she had taken any drugs.

In court, her solicitor, Michael Madden said his client only had one other traffic offence on her record and was on pain medication for a dental problem at the time.

“It may have been the cause,” he said.

“She completed the traffic offenders program and learned a lot from that – she takes responsibility for her actions and she accepts the consequences could have been a lot worse.”

He said she relied on her licence to transport her child.

However, police prosecutor Sergeant Beau Riley pointed out the drug found in Bourke’s system was methylamphetamine rather than pain medication and opposed a bond without conviction.

“[Driving with] amphetamines is a serious offence in the community – it’s in her system, it’s there,” he said.

Magistrate Terry Lucas fined Bourke $600 and disqualified her for three months.

Hutchinson pleads guilty

BLAKE Harvey Hutchinson was fined $700 and disqualified for six months in Orange Local Court on Monday after he registered a blood alcohol reading of 0.136.

Hutchinson pleaded guilty to mid-range PCA following an incident on July 30.

According to police, Hutchinson, 20, was driving along the Mitchell Highway at Molong just before 1am when he was pulled over by police and stopped in Gasworks Lane.

After he returned a positive result, he was taken to Molong Police Station where he told officers he had drunk four or five vodkas and eaten a burger and chips.

Police said the McGroder Street resident appeared unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech and smelled strongly of liquor.