High percentage of younger Australians under-employed or unemployed, says study

TRAILBLAZER: Talia Powell is bucking the youth unemployment trend. Photo: MATT FINDLAY 0309jobs
TRAILBLAZER: Talia Powell is bucking the youth unemployment trend. Photo: MATT FINDLAY 0309jobs

ALARMING new research has revealed more than 15 per cent of young Australians are under-employed, and a further 14 per cent are officially unemployed.

The study, from the Brotherhood of St Laurence welfare group, reveals the under-employment - those working in a part-time or casual position, but in search of extra employment to cover expenses - rate of Australia’s youth is at its highest in almost four decades.

The data reveals more than 300,000 young Australians are currently under-employed, and that figure combined with those who are officially unemployed adds up to almost 600,000 people, and is set to increase.

With statistics showing more than 50 per cent of jobs young Australians hold are of a casual or part-time nature, the simple fact is the country’s youth continue to struggle to find full-time work.

Despite these damning statistics, Orange’s Talia Powell is bucking the trend.

While not working in a full-time capacity, Miss Powell has found three separate part-time jobs and is currently working upwards of 80 hours a week.

Granted Miss Powell has chosen to work in the part-time sector, at Lavendilli Blue, Woolworths and as a babysitter, she said she found it relatively easy to find enough to work to sustain her lifestyle.

“I love spending money, so I need to work hard to earn enough to maintain my lifestyle,” the 18-year-old laughed.

“I work long hours, but I’m trying to save money for university next year. I had worked at Woolworths for quite a while and just kept going once I got the job at the cafe. But I had to persist to get that job, persistence is key.

“I think a lot of people are too picky about what job they do. If you’re desperate for work, you need to accept that you can’t be picky.

“If you’ve got a good work ethic, and are willing, then you will find it.”


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