Two break-ins in one night: thief handed suspended jail sentence for crimes

A MAN with an extensive criminal history of break and enters avoided jail on Thursday despite committing two break-ins in one night while on parole. 

Joseph John Gersbach broke into the Parkview Hotel but had to leave most of his loot behind as he tried to evade security. 

During the robbery, he dropped his mobile phone which was registered to his address.

Police used DNA evidence to arrest Gersbach after they matched his address to the phone. 

He appeared in Orange Local Court on Thursday for two break and enter charges while he was on a bond for larceny and shoplifting. 

Police facts said the 29-year-old, of Nyrang Road, cut power to the Parkview Hotel which set the alarm off on November 1 last year. 

He then smashed a window, cut himself and ransacked the place while drinking a bottle of spirits. 

Security arrived and Gersbach attempted to flee the scene by climbing the fence.  

Before he attempted to climb the fence he was forced to throw some of the bottles of alcohol he had stolen over the fence, most of which smashed.

Later that night he jumped from the roof of GHD Business services in McNamara Street and hurt his ankles.

After crying for help, police were called. He then proceeded to break into the building in an attempt to escape.

 His solicitor Andrew Rolfe said his client had enrolled in a rehabilitation program and asked the magistrate, Terry Lucas, to consider not sending his client back to jail.

“Subject to today’s proceedings he intends to look for work as a concreter and participate in the Lyndon Outreach Program,” Mr Rolfe said. 

Gersbach had already served time in jail from February 7 to April 24 and had been released from custody to attend rehabilitation. 

Mr Rolfe asked Mr Lucas to take into account the time Gersbach had served in prison and structure a sentence so that he would not have to return. 

Mr Lucas said Gersbach’s rehabilitation efforts had saved him from going back into custody. 

“If you’re silly enough to get pulled up... you have no-one to blame but yourself,” he said.

He sentenced him to a suspended jail sentence of 18 months.