Collared: council's bone to pick with owners of biting and barking dogs

IN COURT: Dog owners have been taken to court over their pets barking and biting.

IN COURT: Dog owners have been taken to court over their pets barking and biting.

ORANGE City Council staff  have taken three Orange residents to court over separate complaints from neighbours about  barking dogs and about an attack that left a smaller dog with injuries requiring vet treatment. 

In Orange Local Court yesterday William O’Neil of Pimpala Place pleaded guilty to failing to comply with a nuisance order. 

Orange City Council staff said they had received numerous complaints from neighbours about his greyhounds which barked repeatedly between the hours of midnight and 8am. 

Neighbours told council the dogs were locked in an enclosure and howled until they were let out every morning. 

The complaints dated back to 2013. 

Council rangers issued O’Neil with a penalty notice on April 23 after rangers recorded the dogs barking at 12.55am, 2.30am and 6am. 

“The issue is that it wakes the neighbours and causes dogs in the surrounding yards to start barking,” Council facts said. 

In a separate incident to come before court yesterday, Matt Taylor and Bianca Wood of Edward Street were called before magistrate, Terry Lucas for being the owners of dogs which attacked another dog.

However they did not show up to court. 

Orange City Council staff said the pair’s dogs were on the tray of a ute parked in the front yard in Edward Street when a person walked passed with a small dog. 

The bigger dogs attacked the little dog.

“The victim tried to defend his dog during the attack which became violent,” council facts said.

“The owner appeared then called the dogs off and apologised.

“The victim carried the injured dog home and attended the vet.”

Council staff are asking Taylor and Wood pay for the vet bill for the smaller dog which is $725.38.