Drug user in for a pound: $5000 worth of weed in back of his car

AN Orange man told police “a pound” of cannabis was for personal use and not for profit. 

David Charles Allen told police it was cheaper to buy in bulk as an explanation for why he had 459.1 grams of marijuana in his car. 

In Orange Local Court on Thursday his solicitor Ashley Moxey told magistrate Terry Lucas, the 36-year-old had significantly cut down on his drug use since his arrest on December 12. 

“It’s about one tenth of what he used to take,” she said. 

“He did assist police in the search and made full admissions.”

Police received intelligence about Allen and his involvement in illicit drugs, police facts said. 

As a result officers pulled over his car and searched it.

The Mirral Way resident told officers they would find “a bit of pot in the back” and they did, in a shopping bag. 

Allen refused to tell officers how much he had paid for it but police estimated its value between $3500 and $5000. 

Police facts said Allen had a “trafficable” amount of the drug. 

Allen is unemployed and is paid $600 per fortnight in carers’ payments. He looks after two small children in his home.

Ms Moxey said the children provided incentive for the drug user to clean up his act and be a better role model. 

“He is actively seeking employment,” she said. 

Mr Lucas sentenced Allen to a good behaviour bond of two years but warned him that if he appeared in court again on a drugs charge he would “go to jail”. 

“You are before the court for deemed supply of cannabis, I’m able to send you to jail for two years or fine you $2200 or both,” he said.