Driver disqualified: marijuana still in system 24 hours after smoking joint

AN Orange woman was caught driving with illicit drugs in her system the day after she smoked marijuana. 

Renee Thelma Bugg’s solicitor Jack Hibbard argued his client, who was only 18, was young and was not aware that the drug would still have been in her system.

He said she had not intended to drive under the influence. 

“She was not aware cannabis can stay in your system up to one month,” he told the  Orange Local Court last Thursday. 

But the magistrate, Terry Lucas, had different information. 

“I am told on average it is three months and can stay in your system for up to two years,” Mr Lucas said. 

Bugg, of Katoa Place, was pulled over in Adina Crescent at 5.30pm on April 12 for a random breath test.

Police subjected her to an oral swab test that returned a positive result. 

Mr Hibbard argued his client should be given the minimum sentence given she was so young and had made a “misguided decision”. 

Mr Lucas sentenced her to three months’ disqualification from driving and fined her $200.