A crying shame: man's tirade of abuse at police ends in tears and arrest

IT ALL ENDS IN TEARS: A man has been fined $500 for abusing police.
IT ALL ENDS IN TEARS: A man has been fined $500 for abusing police.

A MAN who abused police, threatened to “smash” officers and attempted to goad them into giving him “10 tickets” ended up in tears and in Orange Local Court. 

Police were called to the taxi rank in Lords Place at 2.10am on Saturday June 7 because officers were told a fight was about to break out, police facts said. 

Samuel Jack McCook was seen with another man acting aggressively towards others at the rank.

Police did not give the men a fine, instead officers asked the pair to move on which they did, but not very far. 

Security at the cab rank told police the pair had made a racial slur at a group of people who had waited for a cab which was what started the altercation. 

Police talked with security while McCook crossed the road and then hurled abuse at officers from opposite the cab rank. 

McCook continued to yell for up to three minutes before police went to deal with the 35-year-old Perthville man. 

“He was well affected by alcohol,” police said. 

“His behaviour was erratic, his words were slurred and his co-ordination was affected.”

After police made multiple requests to McCook to go home, officers asked him to give them his licence. 

His response was “don’t f-----g touch me,”.

His tirade of swear words continued and police warned him to stop yet again, but he paid them no heed. 

“Give me a ticket, give me 10 tickets, I don’t give a f--k. It’s just paying your wage,” he said. 

“I could smash you, you little fat c--t.”

Police arrested him at which point he started to cry uncontrollably and continued to shout and swear.

The magistrate, Terry Lucas, fined him $500 for using offensive language in public.