Astley Cup rugby league brawlers to know the score this week

PLAYERS involved in last Thursday’s violent Astley Cup rugby league brawl will know their fate later this week.

The Country Rugby League, National Rugby League and schools Dubbo College and Orange High School officials are working to identify offenders and ensure they are punished.

However, they are also determined to minimise the impact on teams in weekend competitions.

Players from both teams were stood down after the shocking fight, which broke out during the second half of the match and left one player with head injuries. It forced the postponement of Sunday’s under 18 match between Dubbo Macquarie and Westside, because Macquarie had 14 players on the sidelines.

However CRL chief executive Terry Quinn is confident all investigations and judiciaries will be concluded before this weekend.

“We formed a committee that are looking at the tapes today and we hope to complete the charges by Wednesday.

Mr Quinn said he understood three players had been disciplined by the schools and one student from Dubbo who ran in and kicked an opponent has been suspended or expelled.

He doesn’t expect the fallout to be as widespread as initially thought.

“The fight certainly didn’t look good but when you look back at the footage, there are a lot of players who were in there trying to break it up and we are looking carefully to determine what roles people played,” Mr Quinn said.

“I don’t envisage there will be too many suspensions. The schools are taking their own action and there is also the police investigation that is still going on.

“We are looking for the instigators and the ones that have run in to take part.”

Group 11 secretary Bob Walsh said the match between Macquarie and Westside will be held as a Wednesday night game later in the season

“I think everyone wants to get it sorted out so I don’t anticipate it will drag on beyond this week. It was good that Westside were prepared to postpone the game and I have left it to the two clubs to sort it out and get back to me,” he said.


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