Passing interest: Orange roads given tick of approval by NRMA

AS Bowen Public School students learnt about road safety, Orange’s roads have been given a positive assessment from the NRMA.

NRMA director Graham Blight said some western councils had resorted to not maintaining some roads and diverting traffic onto others, but it was not an issue in Orange.

“Here, the issue is passing lanes because of the traffic increase,” he said.

“Bathurst to Orange, Dubbo, these towns are growing, the development of the mining industry has brought more traffic into these towns and when you get more traffic, roads don’t last as long and you get bigger trucks.”

Mr Blight also said road funding continued to be a concern, especially with the federal government indexing the fuel excise from the coming financial year.

“The government is suggesting they will legislate to return 4 per cent of the funds that they raise from the fuel excise, which is a disgrace really,” he said.

“We want them to guarantee that we’ll get a bigger share of that and we’ve suggested 50 per cent.

“Poor old motorists have been suffering for years and only getting 30 per cent back.”

The NRMA conducted experiments to show Bowen students what happened when tyres lost traction on a wet road and how distractions could affect a driver. 

Students also witnessed the fate of an egg person involved in an accident with and without a seatbelt and learnt how to fit a seatbelt and a bicycle helmet properly.

Kindergarten and Year 1 teacher Briellen Kinney said the students gained a lot from the experience.

“My kids learnt if they’re up to the age of seven they need to be in a car seat,” she said.

“They loved it, they enjoyed and responded to it really well. “

Mr Blight said it was important driver education started early.

“It’s just reminding the kids, who are great reminders to their parents,” he said.


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