Drink-driving offences a hangover from the night before

SOBERING THOUGHTS: Two young people have been convicted of drink-driving the day after a night out.
SOBERING THOUGHTS: Two young people have been convicted of drink-driving the day after a night out.

TWO young people caught drink- driving several hours after they had their last drink, had their licences suspended in Orange Local Court on Thursday.

In classic morning after scenarios which catch out many drivers in the area, magistrate Terry Lucas told the female and male drivers that he had no alternative under the law but to fine them and suspend their licences.

He said he also took into consideration that both people were of good character and needed their licences for work.

“If you were my own son I couldn’t do more to help you with this matter,” Mr Lucas told one of the drivers.

The first driver to be fined and lose her licence was Natalie Dickson who was charged with a mid-range drink-driving  offence after being pulled over by police on May 4 at 11am on the highway near Cowra.

Dickson told police when she was breath tested she had consumed a “750 bottle of rum and coke” taking her last drink at 1am - nine hours before being pulled over by police.

In evidence presented to the court police said Dickson did not appear to be affected by alcohol and did not have the smell of alcohol on her breath when she was spoken to and breath tested.

After recording a reading of 0.081 she was fined $600 and disqualified from driving for six months.

The second drink-driver up before the magistrate was Daniel Hallett who was unlucky to be caught by police who were attracted to his noisy muffler when they were making inquiries at a house nearby where Hallett was driving his vehicle before pulling into his driveway.

The P1 driver told the court he was breath tested by police 12 hours after consuming white wine the night before.

Hallet’s reading was 0.049.

Despite Hallett having references to his good character and dedication to his job Mr Lucas said under the law he was obliged to fine him $700 and disqualify Hallett for six months.

Both drivers represented themselves in court and pleaded guilty.

“Unfortunately alcohol takes a long time to get out of your system,” Mr Lucas told the drivers.