Bullmastiff mauls small dog

A bullmastiff mauled a small dog yesterday morning after it escaped from its yard.

The mastiff rushed at the small dog who was being walked on a lead, at around 9.45am in Bowyer place.

Council rangers said the small dog was in a serious state when they arrived to seize the mastiff.

The small dog was rushed to Orange Veterinary Hospital with substantial injuries but is expected to live.

Council spokesperson Allan Reeder said the owner of the bullmastiff immediately surrendered the dog.

The dog was taken to the RSPCA and was expected to be euthanized yesterday afternoon.

Mr Reeder said the owner's behaviour was extremely responsible as he had complied with council’s wish to seize the animal.

 "The owner of the mastiff was very upset, especially because he had tried to ensure it wouldn't escape."

Mr Reeder said council would not be pursing legal action against the owner of the mastiff.

The full story, including an interview with the owner of the small dog, will be in tomorrow's paper.

Afternoon update: Bullmastiff mauls small dog

Afternoon update: Bullmastiff mauls small dog