Firefighter dies in Tasmania

Source: The Examiner

A Victoria firefighter has been found dead near Taranna, in southern Tasmania.

Peter Ronald Cramer, 61, of Tyers, was part of a group of Victorian firefighters sent to help the Tasmanian Fire Service fight bushfires in the state's south.

According to police, Mr Cramer was found yesterday after he failed to make a scheduled call in.

Police said he was preparing for backburning east of Taranna at Waterfall Bluff, about three kilometers from the active fire edge.

Premier Lara Giddings offered her condolences to Mr Cramer's loved ones.

"I hope that his family can gain some comfort from the sincere gratitude we feel for his willingness to assist us during this bushfire crisis,'' Ms Giddings said.

"I thank them, and our thoughts are with them at this most tragic of times."

Ms Giddings said the incident highlighted the extreme circumstances all firefighters, emergency service workers and volunteers faced when working to control bushfires.

"These people don't just typify the spirit of community service, they so often re-define it into something so much greater," she said.