Man in critical condition after collapsing due to heat

A dirt bike rider is in a critical condition fighting for his life in Orange hospital from heat exhaustion after he collapsed while on a ride with his two sons on a property at Lue near Mudgee.

The man was convulsing when paramedics arrived at 4.45pm yesterday afternoon and the Orange-based Ambulance NSW rescue helicopter responded shortly after with a doctor on board.

The owner of the property Tom Combes raced to the aid of the man after his son rode 1km to get help.

"My dad's in trouble the boy told me," Mr Combes said.

"I was expecting to find him hot and unwell resting in the shade when I raced there but it was much worse," said Mr Combes.

"He was in real trouble."

Mr Combes said the man had taken precautions earlier in the day to ensure he consumed enough water.

"But before he collapsed he probably just had not had enough but we really don't know the full medical picture yet," he said.

The man and his boys travelled from Penrith to visit the property which specialises in dirt bike recreational activities.

A spokesperson for NSW Ambulance said the man was stabilised at the site, sedated and intubated before being flown to Orange hospital.

Health authorities are maintaining their warning to residents living in areas affected by the current heatwave to take extra precautions to stay cool, drink plenty of water and avoid physical activity.