Band is headed for the big time

ORANGE could be home to the next superstars and they are found in one of the most unlikely of places.

A few years ago clients of the O’Brien Centre took advantage of the instruments on offer and started a band.

After several line-up changes, some ups and downs the group hit the big time.

They were recently featured on Triple J unearthed and front man Craig “Joseph” Morris could not be more proud of their efforts.

The band known as Good Vs Evil consists of six members and about four of them are regular O’Brien centre clients. 

Mr Morris hopes the feature on Triple J will propel the group to superstardom.

“It’s been a bit of a struggle so we’re really proud,” he said.

“There’s been a lot of hard work involved to get us where we are.”

The band are serious. They want Good Vs Evil to be their day job.

They practice regularly and usually at the O’Brien Centre because it gives them a chance to test out their new tunes to a live audience.

The idea came about after volunteers at the centre organised two professional musicians to give clients a tutorial on drums and guitar.

Mr Morris had been writing music for decades and was keen to find people who had also been bitten by the music bug.

The musicians were talented and inspired the band to give it a shot.

Mr Morris even enrolled and completed a course at TAFE to hone his skills and to prove to himself he was committed to the music scene. 

“The people there have been really supportive,” he said.

Mr Morris described the music as a bit of a mix between blues and hard rock. They have made about 500 songs and released three albums last month.

Not many bands in the central west could boast a higher number of songs.

“It’s good quality songs and good quality music,” he said.

GENUINE ARTICLE: Craig “Joseph” Morris hopes the band Good Vs Evil will make the big time.

GENUINE ARTICLE: Craig “Joseph” Morris hopes the band Good Vs Evil will make the big time.


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