Bushfires: Latest weather and fire updates

Fire races through a pine plantation on the Kentbruck-Portland Road west of Portland.
Fire races through a pine plantation on the Kentbruck-Portland Road west of Portland.

A national phone number has been established to register details of people directly or indirectly affected by the Tasmanian bushfires. It is 1800 727 077.

Updated Monday 10am:

Most of the nearly 100 people feared missing in bushfires in Tasmania have been accounted for and no deaths have been recorded so far, police say.

Tasmania Police Inspector John Arnold said most of the names on the list had been cross-checked and located. But it was still possible bodies would be found, he said.

Police will today continue their property-to-property searches in the worst hit towns of Dunalley, Boomer Bay and Marion Bay as they fear lives may have been lost.

The grim task comes as fire authorities warn bushfires that have ravaged the south-east of the state could flare up again as more warm weather hits.

Above average temperatures are expected with Hobart forecast to reach 29 degrees Celsius and Launceston 30 degrees Celsius today.

While there are no fire bans in Victoria today, the CFA has maintained Watch and Act warnings for two slow-moving fires in the state's south-east. The fires, which have been burning since last Friday, have the potential to impact properties today.

Temperatures are expected to reach or exceed 40 degrees across much of Victoria today.

In NSW, firefighters are bracing for heatwave conditions expected to hit much of the state from Tuesday, with temperatures hitting 47.9 degrees in parts of the Central West.

Latest updates:

10am: Stories of terror and survival are emerging from the devastated Tasmanian town of Dunalley.

Volunteer firefighters who travelled to Dunalley from the North and North-West on Friday knew they had a difficult job ahead of them.

John McCauley will tell you he was from Dunalley.

Mr McCauley uses "was" because the home he bought just five months ago was destroyed in the bushfires.

8.30am: Tasmania's Forcett and Lake Repulse fires remain at Watch and Act warning levels this morning, with more than a dozen communities still listed as being in danger from the out-of-control blazes.

Between them, the fires have burned through almost 30,000 hectares and more than 100 properties.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard will visit the scene today, after federal and state governments announced aid packages through Centrelink for people affected by the fires. Emergency Management Minister Nicola Roxon said the government had made disaster relief funding of up to $1000 per person available to Tasmanians affected by bushfires.

The Red Cross has also launched an appeal to help survivors. More than 1000 people were evacuated from the Tasman Peninsula to Hobart via boat.

Hundreds more have sought refuge with relatives and in evacuation centres across the region, including at the Port Arthur historic site.

Tasmanian fire authorities have defended their choice of aircraft to fight the bushfire, with much bigger helicopters idle on the mainland.

In NSW, total fire bans are in place for the Riverina ahead of expected dangerous fire conditions this week. High fire danger ratings cover much of the rest of the state.

Sunday's bushfire updates:

7.30pm: TASMANIAN authorities have begun searching for bodies amid fears lives may have been lost in the bushfires. More than 100 buildings have been destroyed by the fires, which continue to burn on the Tasman Peninsula and, while there have been no confirmed deaths, police say they have fears for a number of people.

Meanwhile, a large bushfire at Taranna has prompted the TFS to tell residents to "activate their bushfire plan now. It is likely to be too late to leave the area. If your home is well constructed, prepared and actively defended, it may provide shelter." There is a community fire refuge at Nubeena at the Tasman Civic Centre.

There is a slow moving bushfire in the Mumbannar area. It has crossed the Winnap Nelson Rd and the Glenelg River and is travelling  in a north westerly direction towards Mumbannar. This fire has potential to impact properties in Wanwin Rd, Mumbannar, and the surrounding community within the next few hours. Keep up to date with the CFA.

6pm: An emergency warning for Inala Road, Forcett, was issued for Tasmanians at 6.55pm.  The fire is impacting the community of  Taranna now. There are 31 vehicles at the fire which has now stretched over 19,000 hectares.

Residents located south of Nubeena Road need to relocate to Nubeena via the Arthur Highway. Residents located north of Nubeena Road must relocate to Nubeena via the Nubeena Road. For more details, click go to the Tasmania Fire Service website.

In South Australia, fire crews have contained the fire at Finniss and are monitoring hot spots.

4.30pm: The Tasmania Fire Service now has four fires on "watch and act" status - Forcett and Lake Repulse as well as Macquarie Plains and Buckland. For more details, click here.

As the day cools down across the nation, the fire danger is far from over as the Bureau of Meteorology predicts a continuation of heatwave conditions well into next week. The temperatures now, with tomorrow's predictions in brackets: Sydney 27 (26), Melbourne 24 (32), Brisbane 28 (29), Perth 30 (36), Adealaide 34 (41), Hobart 21 (29), Canberra 36 (33), Darwin 33 (33).

The nation found various ways to beat the heat - Canberra cooled off poolside, Bendigo bought fans and Ballarat kept its fingers crossed.

3.30pm: Fire crews from both sides of the border are battling a bushfire in the Upper Murray district around Ournie in New South Wales. The Border Mail is keeping tabs on the Upper Murray, follow its reports here.

An ITN news bulletin

3pm: While crews continue to battle two major fires in Tasmania, support - of many kinds - has been  sent to the Apple Isle. On a practical level, Tasmania Fire Service boss Mike Brown welcomed news of reinforcements from the interstate. On another level, the Queen has sent a note of concern and sympathy to Tasmanians.

 Two people have been charged with lighting fires - an 18-year-old woman in Melbourne and a 15-year-old who is charged with lighting a fire in Ravenswood last July.

1pm: Aurora Energy advises all its Tasmanian customers who have been notified of a planned electricity interruption for maintenance between January 7 -18 that this work has been postponed. All crews who were to do this planned work will be redeployed to areas affected by the Tasmanian bushfires.

Meanwhile the Canberra Times reports that Weston Creek residents hit by the 2003 disaster said they would not join the official 10th anniversary event on January 18 in protest of the government's handling of the emergency.

Victoria's Country Fire Authority expects today to bring under control a large bushfire in Victoria's south-west while another on the north-east border burns out of control. For an update on the fire situation in Victoria, read The Age update here.

NOON: Despite the improved conditions quite a number of roads are closed. In fact, the Tasmanian Fire Service has comfirmed Coles Bay Road has been closed again due to increased fire activity.

Meanwhile The Examiner has reported that police fear there may have been a number of deaths in the fire-ravaged south-east of Tasmania, with a number of people reported missing.

State Acting Police Commissioner Scott Tilyard says there are grave fears for a small number of people reported missing. Police would not say how many are missing.

Sky News update

11am: There is currently significant smoke and haze in much of Southern Tasmania, reports The Examiner.

Coles Bay Road has been re-opened but much of the pristine bushland south of Bicheno is now scorched earth.

More reports from The Examiner: 

* Fundraising efforts begin                                  * Beaches provide welcome respite

Elsewhere, Sydney might be enjoying a summery Sunday, but the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting a change of conditions by Tuesday.

9am: Thousands of Tasmanians have spent another anxious night in evacuation centres as bushfires burn throughout the state's south-east. Help from the mainland states is expected to begin arriving in Tasmania today.

8am: As the fire threat has eased in Tasmania, so the offers of help begin to pour in.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced yesterday that natural disaster assistance will be made available to help communities in south-east Tasmania while the Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) says it has been inundated with donations.

But that overwhelming generosity should be directed to welfare organisations, fire authorities say.

The TFS has asked people wishing to help bushfire victims should donate “to their closest welfare provider such as the Salvation Army and St Vincent De Paul”. Government authorities will advise as soon as possible where food and other donations can be left for those affected by the Tasmanian bushfires.

Photos - residents post their pics from bushfires around the nation

Where to find information

An aerial view of the Forcett fire in Tasmania, as seen from Hobart airport. Photo: CHUQTAS/TWITTER

An aerial view of the Forcett fire in Tasmania, as seen from Hobart airport. Photo: CHUQTAS/TWITTER

Smoke billows from a bushfire at Forcett, Tasmania. Photo: SUSSANSAYS/TWITTER

Smoke billows from a bushfire at Forcett, Tasmania. Photo: SUSSANSAYS/TWITTER

Smoke from the Forcett fire.

Smoke from the Forcett fire.

Smoke from Tasmania's bushfires appears on Bureau of Meteorology radar.

Smoke from Tasmania's bushfires appears on Bureau of Meteorology radar.

Crews fight to control a large bushfire in Epping Forest, Tasmania. Photo: HARVEY BIGGS

Crews fight to control a large bushfire in Epping Forest, Tasmania. Photo: HARVEY BIGGS

Crews fight to control a large bushfire in Epping Forest, Tasmania. Photo: EMILY BRYAN

Crews fight to control a large bushfire in Epping Forest, Tasmania. Photo: EMILY BRYAN

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Tasmania woke this morning to the news that at least 100 homes had been lost and as many as 40 separate fires continued to burn throughout the state.

The south-eastern town of Dunalley bore the brunt of the devastation with an estimated 65 homes destroyed and a man feared to have been killed. At nearby Boomer Bay, a further 15 homes were lost and others remain threatened by other active Tasmanian fires. Many residents were forced to flee to nearby beaches and boats to take shelter from the flames as the state sweltered and Hobart experienced its hottest day on record with a temperature of 41.8 degrees.

Attention in Tasmania has now turned to the bushfires near Bicheno, Forcett, Lake Repulse and Nubeena (all classified "Watch and Act"). Seven other fires are classified as "Advice" incidents.

Smoke obscures the sun in Hobart. Photo: SAMUELHIMSELF/TWITTER

Smoke obscures the sun in Hobart. Photo: SAMUELHIMSELF/TWITTER

Smoke from the Forcett fire visible from Hobart. Photo: LIZOSAURUS/TWITTER

Smoke from the Forcett fire visible from Hobart. Photo: LIZOSAURUS/TWITTER

As temperatures climb into the 40s, fire danger remains an ongoing threat throughout the country with an estimated 65 fires burning across Australia and warnings still in place across most states although conditions have eased slightly..

Smoke near Hobart. Photo: CPAT13/TWITTER

Smoke near Hobart. Photo: CPAT13/TWITTER



Smoke from the Janies Corner bush fire, near Forster in NSW. Photo: NSW RFS

Smoke from the Janies Corner bush fire, near Forster in NSW. Photo: NSW RFS

Smoke from the Janies Corner bush fire, near Forster in NSW. Photo: NSW RFS

Smoke from the Janies Corner bush fire, near Forster in NSW. Photo: NSW RFS

Against this backdrop of heatwave conditions and bushfires, police have charged three juveniles with deliberately lighting bushfires near the John Hunter Hospital at Newcastle over the last two days and there is concern the Forster fire may also have been deliberately lit.

See below for updates and a state-by-state breakdown of what the heatwave means for you, including the latest information on bushfires.

You can also view the social media reaction to the fire crisis here.

Saturday's bushfire updates

8:00PM: The Bicheno and Forcett bushfires in Tasmania have been re-classified as "Watch and Act" along with the Nubeena and Lake Repulse fires and no Tasmanian bushfires are now listed as "Emergency Warning.".

A series of fires have started throughout south eastern NSW following a series of lightning strikes across the Southern Tablelands and Monaro regions. Fires have been reported at Marulan, Bungendore, Bungonia, Tarago, Googong Dam, Wamboin, Nimmitabel and Numeralla - most of which were deemed to be under control at the time of writing with a heavy rainstorm expected to hit shortly.

7:30PM: People who've been in the pathway of this weekend's bushfires and those who've  been spared but were close enough to take a photo have generously shared their snaps on social media. Here's a gallery of photos shared via Twitter.

6:30PM: Lightning strikes from a severe thunderstorm in the Southern Tablelands of NSW is believed to have started a number of fires near Cooma, including fires at Numerella and Nimmitabel which have been classified as "Watch and Act."

Another Southern Tablelands fire is being fought near Bungendore. Aerial support is in assistance and numerous NSWRFS appliances are on scene.

6:00PM: Latest update from the Tasmanian fires - the Nubeena and Lake Repulse fires have been re-classified as "Watch and Act" while the Bicheno and Forcett fires remain at "Emergency Warning". Seven other fires are being monitored and have been classified as "Advice" incidents.

Meanwhile energy supplier Aurora Energy has warned customers that the fire has affected electricity supply in some areas and that ongoing bushfires could be expected to cause lengthy delays to restoration.

5:00PM: Grim images of Dunalley in the wake of the fire that destroyed a third of the town's houses.

4:00PM: The TFS has advised that the Forcett fire, burning between Forcett and the Tasman Peninsula,  is currently impacting on TarannaIt is now too late to leave and residents should take shelter and go to their Nearby Safer Place only if the path is clear. Leaving now is considered extremely dangerous.

This fire has spread south of Murdunna and has spotted as far as Taranna and still has active fire edges back to Forcett and Dodges Ferry. 

This bushfire is currently not controlled and there may be smoke, embers and ash falling on  Forcett and the entire Tasman Peninsula. 

The Bicheno fire is expected to put the area of Coles Bay Road south of Apsley River as well as Tasman Highway south of Tower Hill at very high risk from the fire front within. There may be embers, smoke and ash falling on Bicheno, Freindly Beaches, Coles Bay Road south of Aplsley River and Tasman Highway south of Tower Hill. 

Reported Road Closures: Friendly Beaches Road, Courland Bay Road, Tower Hill Fire Trail, Harverys Farm Road, Coles Bay Road for inward traffic and Tasman Highway from the Coles Bay turnoff to Bicheno.

Meantime the Insurance Council of Australia has formally declared the bushfire-hit Forcett and Dunalley zone of south-east Tasmania a catastrophe. The Examiner reports that the declaration covers the worst-affected areas of Forcett, Dunalley, Copping and Murdunna, and also includes Connellys Marsh, Boomer Bay, Primrose Sands, Susans Bay, Eaglehawk Neck and Taranna.

3:30PM: The Age reports that three fires are burning out of control and threatening communities along the east coast and central Tasmania, with thousands of people stranded as roads are cut off.

An emergency warning has been issued for a large bushfire near Bicheno, 180km northeast of Hobart, with about a dozen properties already lost. Changing weather conditions mean the fire is likely to effect major roads the Tasman Highway and Coles Bay Road. People were being urged to leave Swanick and Coles Bay soon with a risk of them becoming isolated.

As fires rage across Tasmania up to 77 fire crews were out on the job. The new front comes with the danger from the largest fire in the state, on the Tasman Peninsula, far from over.

The massive Forcett bushfire is still burning out of control, affecting the towns of Bream Creek, Copping and Boomer Bay.

The Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) advised residents of Eaglehawk Neck to activate their fire plans, while people in Primrose Sands, Connellys Marsh and Susans Bay were told it was too late to leave the town.

2:45PM: NUBEENA residents on the Tasman Peninsula are being urged to active their bushfire plan due to a  large bushfire at Stormlea Road, according to The Examiner. The fire may this afternoon affect the communities of Stormlea Road and White Beach and it is not controlled.

Spot fires may threaten homes earlier than the predicted main fire front and there may be embers, smoke and ash falling on  Stormlea and Highland roads, White Beach and Nubeena.

Police have declared the Tasman Peninsula a serious incident site, meaning people must obey directions from police.

2:20PM: Fires near Orange that were the focus of NSWRFS services for much of the week are now under control, according to the Central Western Daily. Aerial surveillance is still being undertaken but it appears the worst has passed in the Long Point bushfire.

2:00PM: Before Tasmanians have even had a chance to take stock and count the cost of their overnight losses to bushfires, attention has now moved to another bushfire just south of Bicheno. An emergency warning has been issued for the Bicheno area and as many as it 12 properties may already have been lost. Tasmania Fire Service spokesman Michael Watkins said the fire has now jumped the Tasman Highway, south of Bicheno. More than 20 firefighting crews and one water-bombing helicopter are on site and the Tasman Highway is now closed to all traffic at the Coles Bay turn-off.

1:30PM: Looking around the fire situation for each state, three fires are burning out of control and threatening communities along the east coast of, and central Tasmania, with thousands of people stranded as roads are cut off.  Bushfires are continuing to burn across Victoria as the scorching temperatures experienced during the past week eased. Around 50 fire crews are monitoring flare-ups from a controlled bushfire on South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula as the threat of more fires across the state eases. Police suspect that a bushfire which isolated a suburb on the NSW mid-north coast was deliberately lit. 

12:45PM: A total of 29 fires are currently burning or still being watched across NSW but nearly all are listed as Under Control or Being Controlled. The Janies Corner fire (Forster), one of the state's most concerning bushfires, is now contained after NSW RFS crews conducted a number of backburns around the village of Green Point and along The Lakes Way. These backburns have now linked up with the main fire front however pockets of fire continue to burn inside containment lines.

According to NSWRFS, today crews will continue to strengthen these containment lines and black out and mop up. Smoke and fire may still be visible as small areas of bush continue to burn. The Lakes Way and Green Point Drive are open to traffic however the public are advised to slow down if driving in the area as firefighters will be working from the roadside. Meanwhile two bushfires in Orange are now under control with NSWRFS on scene for surveillance.

12 Noon: At midday on Saturday, despite an overall easing of conditions since yesterday, temperatures continue to rise around the country with Canberra one of the hottest cities at this point. Current temperatures are: Adelaide 28.3, Alice Springs 39.2, Brisbane 24.8, Broome 29.7, Cairns 30.5, Canberra 33.9, Darwin 29.9, Hobart 22.9, Melbourne 22.7, Perth 25.4 and Sydney 25.9.

11:30AM: THE fire danger rating for the large bushfire at Lake Repulse, near Mount Field National Park in the South, has been rated as high. Residents that have relocated to  a nearby safe place should remain there and residents that have chosen to stay and defend should maintain their activated bushfire plan (courtesy The Examiner).

11:00AM: Police are now saying at least 100 homes have been lost in Tasmania's bushfires. A bushfire at Bicheno is now out of control and has been re-classified to Emergency Warning. The fire is expected to put the area of  Harvey's Farm Road at direct very high risk from the fire front and embers, smoke and ash may fall on Bicheno, Friendly Beaches and Harveys Farm Road. Reported Road Closures include Friendly Beaches Road, Courland Bay Road, Tar Hill Fire Trail and Harvey's Farm Road.

10.30AM: Sky news update regarding fears for Tasmanian fire fatality

9:15AM: The ABC has reported a Dunkirk-style rescue of stranded bushfire victims by a flotilla of police, commercial and private craft.

About 1000 people who had been forced to flee to beaches as fires encroached were rescued by the rag-tag fleet which ferried them to safety in Hobart.

Historic Port Arthur has become a refuge for 700 people fleeing a large bushfire and another 2000 people have taken shelter at a refuge in Nubeena, police say.

9:00AM: The bushfire that devastated the Tasmanian town of Dunalley yesterday has spread and taken dozens more properties in its wake.

Despite easing weather, firefighters were still battling the extensive blaze, which stretched 30 km. through farmland and beach hamlets towards the Tasman Peninsula, east of Hobart.

"There is still substantial fire activity they are dealing with," Tasmanian Fire Service officer, John Holloway, said this morning.

The 65 properties burned in Dunalley included the primary school, RSL and police station, having been fanned by what the TFS described as catastrophic conditions.

Police said in a statement that about 30 per cent of the town had been destroyed, but there were no confirmed reports of deaths or major injuries (details courtesy of The Age).


A hotline has been set up for those concerned about family and friends - 1800 567 567.

In a touch of rare good news, several fires in Victoria have had warning levels downgraded. Residents in and around Ensay, in the south-east and Woolsthorpe in the south-west are no longer in direct danger, but are warned to remain ready to enact their bushfire survival plans.

7.15PM: The Examiner reporter Dinah Arndt reports that thousands of Tasman Peninsula residents had a nervous wait after fire trapped them. But the crisis also brought out the best in people:

'Sorell Mayor Kerry Vincent said by 6pm there were about 45 people anxiously but patiently waiting inside the hall.

``I have been amazed at the number of businesses and people that have been offering to help with food, or looking after pets or even offering to look after people for the evening,'' Mr Vincent said.

``Everyone is so patient and calm at the moment ... considering we have heard that homes have been lost.'''

6.45PM: Victorians in the south-eastern towns of Ensay, Ensay North and Reedy Flat are being warned to prepare for a fast moving bushfire that is expected to impact their towns within the hour.

The fire was 7km north of Ensay as of 6.45PM AEST and is about five hectares in size. CFA has warned it is moving rapidly and producing spot fires about 100 metres ahead of a main front.

6.30PM: A new fire has started at Meadowbank Lake, north-west of Hobart, and is moving rapidly in a south-easterly direction. Homes in the Jones River Road area are under threat, with homes in the Rockmount Road area expected to be under threat within two hours.

6PM: What a scorcher - South Australians have suffered through one of the hottest days on record, with temperatures topping 45 degrees across most of the state.

5.20PM: Tasmanian Fire Service has confirmed properties have been lost at Dunalley. No further details are available.

5PM: A 30h hectare fire is burning towards the north-east Tasmanian town of Bicheno. An emergency warning has been issued, and the fire is expected to impact Butlers Point, Courland Bay properties, Friendly Beaches and Harvey's Farm Road within two hours.

The fire is producing spot fires up to 400 metres ahead of the main front.

Meantime, the Forcett fire is impacting communities east of Hobart including Dunalley, Primrose Sands, Murdunna, Sommers Bay and surrounds. Embers are now falling on this area and there are unconfirmed reports of homes being lost to fire.

The Tasmanian Fire Service has warned that it is now too late to leave the Tasman Peninsula below Dunalley. People should move south down the peninsula towards Nubeena.

4.09PM: A five hectare fire is burning out of control near Forster, on the NSW north coast.

The township of Green Point is not under threat, however residents are advised not to leave the area as Green Point Road may be threatened by fire. 

People in the area should take advice from firefighters on the ground.

4.00PM: Fire authorities have issued an emergency warning for a large bushfire burning close to camping grounds in Victoria's west.

The slow-moving bushfire is in the Kentbruck area and is moving in a north-easterly direction through a pine plantation north of the Discovery Bay Coastal Park.

Campers at the Lake Monbeong (also known as Lake Monibeong) campground and Swan Lake campground could be affected.

CFA Chief Commissioner Craig Lapsley speaks about the Victorian fire situation as of 4PM Friday

3.25PM: A Watch and Act alert has been issued for the Victorian towns of Kalimna and Kalimna West, with a fire expected to impact between 4pm and 6pm. For more information, visit the CFA Facebook page.

3.20PM: Victoria's first emergency warning for the day has been issued for a slow-moving bushfire at Kentbruck, near the Victorian and South Australian border.

The Country Fire Authority has warned the fire may hit the Lake Monbeong and Swan Lake camp grounds. The fire is travelling in a south easterly direction towards the Discovery Bay Coastal Park.

A wind change expected anytime in the next two hours may cause the fire to change direction towards Mount Richmond. The Portland Nelson Road is closed between Winnap Nelson Road and Skyline Road.

More details can be found via the CFA's Facebook page.


A large bushfire is continuing to burn out of control in Victoria's far south-west this morning while more than 60 fires broke out across the state yesterday. Most of those fires are now contained, but a blaze near Nelson is still causing problems for Country Fire Authority crews.

Melbourne's temperatures will fluctuate, having reached a top of 41 degrees on Friday before being expected to drop back to 24 degrees next Wednesday. Bendigo is expected to peak at 40 degrees tomorrow and remain in the high 30’s for the next week. Ballarat will stay below the 40 degree mark over the next week, with temperatures ranging between high 20’s and high 30’s.

Today fire dangers across the state range from High to Very High with no regions classified as severe, extreme or catastrophic - full list of today's Victoria fire dangers here.

Victorian Chief Health Officer Dr Rosemary Lester speaks about heatwave safety and precautions

An extreme fire danger rating will apply to the South West, Wimmera and Central districts on Friday. A severe rating will apply to every other region. A total fire ban will also be in place in Victoria on Friday.

Research shows about one third of people living in high risk bushfire areas planned to wait and see, even after a fire had started, before deciding to leave.

CFA chief officer Euan Ferguson warned that could prove a fatal mistake.

“Victoria is one of the most fire prone areas in the world and on a bad day like (Friday) fires can travel extremely quickly. Smoke on the horizon can be a fire on your doorstep in minutes,” Mr Ferguson said.

“Know your trigger to leave. If you’re in two minds about leaving, you should leave early. Wait and it’s too late.”

The CFA has also urged people to avoid travelling during the heatwave.

For the latest warnings see the Country Fire Authority (CFA) website - http://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/

Bushfire Safer Places

Where to relocate to on days of severe, extreme and catastrophic fire weather

View Neighbourhood Safer Places in a larger map


A Total Fire Ban remains in place today for the Southern Riverina.

For further information regarding Fire Bans and other Fire Restrictions contact The NSW Rural Fire Service on 1800 679 737 or visit http://www.bushfire.nsw.gov.au/

Coastal areas of NSW will stay relatively cool compared to the state's southern, central and western rural areas.

Temperatures in Tamworth, Dubbo, Wagga Wagga, Bourke, Broken Hill and surrounding areas are set to reach the low 40s. They will stay there throughout the weekend and continue into early next week.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has hundreds of volunteers on standby, as well as 11 aircraft ready to rapidly respond to any outbreaks of fire – and these aircraft have been made available to Victorian and South Australian fire authorities if required. There are a further 60 aircraft located in other parts of the state that can be used if required.

Photographer Scott Gelston has sent in this pic from Coles Bay Road from about midday on Sunday.

Photographer Scott Gelston has sent in this pic from Coles Bay Road from about midday on Sunday.

On Friday, dry and hot conditions are expected and very high fire danger conditions are predicted for some southern inland fire areas. There is the possibility of severe fire danger in the southern Riverina area, particularly around Deniliquin.

There is potential for significant fire weather on Tuesday.

For the latest warnings see the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) website - http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/ and the current fires and incidents are listed here.


A Fire Weather Warning is in place for the North West Pastoral, North East Pastoral and Flinders forecast districts.

Weather Situation - Hot to very hot in the north with afternoon relative humidity below 10%. South west to south easterly winds 20-30 km/h.

Severe Fire Danger is forecast for the following forecast districts: North West Pastoral, North East Pastoral and FlindersThe Country Fire Service advises that fires burning under these conditions arelikely to be fast-moving and uncontrollable.

The Country Fire Service advises:- Action your Bushfire Survival Plan now.- Monitor the fire and weather situation through your local radio station, www.cfs.sa.gov.au, and www.bom.gov.au. Ensure you have the latest information on Total Fire Bans and how to prepare for fires. Visit the CFS web page at www.cfs.sa.gov.au or call the CFS Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361.

Temperatures will largely remain in the high 30s to low 40s over the next week, with Coober Pedy forecast to reach a whopping 46 degrees on Friday. Adelaide is facing 41 or 42 degree temperatures over the next few days.

A catastrophic fire danger rating is in place for the Mount Lofty Ranges, Kangaroo Island and Lower South East forecast districts.

An extreme fire danger rating is in place for the Yorke Peninsula, West Coast, Lower Eyre Peninsula, North West Pastoral, Eastern Eyre Peninsula, Upper South East, and Murraylands forecast districts.

Bushfire Safer Places

Where to relocate to on days of severe, extreme and catastrophic fire weather


Fires in the area of Lake Repulse, Bicheno and Forcett continue to be under fire warnings. Residents should watch for updates and check road closures.

While many fires continue to burn, across Tasmania for today fire warnings range from Low to Very High with no areas classified as Severe, Extreme or Catastrophic. 

For the latest warnings see the Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) website - http://www.fire.tas.gov.au/


A fire weather warning remains in place for the Channel Country, Northwest, Central West districts and parts of the Gulf Country, Maranoa and Warrego, and Northern Goldfields and Upper Flinders districts.

Hot, dry, fresh and gusty NE to NW winds during this morning and early afternoon are expected to cause:

- Severe Fire Danger in the Channel Country and far western Warrego districts.Temperatures up to 47 degrees, relative humidity to less than 10% and winds to40 km/hr are expected. Locations which may be affected include Bedourie, Birdsville, Windorah, Quilpie, Thargomindah and Cunnamulla.

- Hot, dry and fresh SE to NE winds during this afternoon and early evening are expected to cause:

- Severe Fire Danger in the Gulf Country district south of a line Century Mine to Croydon, the North West district, the Central West district, most of the Northern Goldfields and Upper Flinders district, and the Channel Country district north of about Windorah. Temperatures up to 45 degrees, relative humidity to 10% and winds to 35 km/hr are expected. Locations which may be affected include Mount Isa, Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Richmond, Hughenden,Georgetown, Croydon, Winton, Longreach and Boulia.

For more information on Fire Bans and how to Prepare. Act. Survive. Visit the Rural Fire Service web page at http://www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au or call theHotline on 1800 020 440. For the latest weather information, listen to your local radio station or visitthe Bureau of Meteorology web page at http://www.bom.gov.au or call 1300-659-219for recorded Land and Weather Warnings.

Temperatures in Brisbane are set to hit a maximum of 33 degrees early next week, with the tropical far-north hitting a maximum of 34 over the next few days.

The town of Longreach is expected to top 43 degrees on Thursday, falling to the high 30s early next week.

A bushfire warning has been issued by the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service for north-west Queensland.

People in these areas have been asked to think about their actions and not light fires.

For the latest warnings see the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) - https://www.fire.qld.gov.au/

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