Paying the price for McDonald's development

IN the Central Western Daily on December 14, Pete McCormack said he viewed any new infrastructure in north Orange as a positive thing.

A lot of people wanted more infrastructure in north Orange and some of them can’t wait for a Maccas to open there, he said.

Mr McCormack said living in such close proximity to McDonald’s could be seen as a positive to some home buyers, so Pete maybe you should lobby to have it built next to your house if you like it so much.

Mr McCormack also said the houses near a string of takeaway stores on Bathurst Road were worth only fractionally less than those on nearby Allenby Road. So now Pete we have established by your research my house, which will be next door to the proposed  north Orange McDonald’s, will devalue and, being next door  rather than “near”, I would expect a greater devaluation, particularly when it is in a residential area with a business built next door. The houses Mr McCormack talks  about are in the main street business area.

Mervyn Speechley,



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