12 Days of Christmas

Enter our promotion to win daily prizes.

Enter our promotion to win daily prizes.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me ... well we don't quite have a partridge in a pear tree to give away but we do have some great prizes for those who participate in this year's 12 Days of Christmas activities. 

Each day we will have an activity for you to complete, with the best contribution receiving a prize! 

All you have to do is fill in the form below to enter the activity.

We will also give you a reminder about the activity each day on Facebook, so make sure you like the Central Western Daily facebook page to have the reminder appear in your news feed. 

FIRST DAY: Tuesday, December 11: Proudly sponsored by The Complete Garden. 

What is your most embarrassing Christmas story? See all our entries here

SECOND DAY: Wednesday, December 12: Proudly sponsored by Miss Mary Mac

What is your best Santa photo? We had some great photo submissions. Check them out by clicking here.  

THIRD DAY: Thursday, December 13: Proudly sponsored by Mirvac - Orange City Centre. 

What do you think is the best Christmas present? Family time seemed to be a popular Christmas present this year. And you can see all the answers here

FOURTH DAY: Friday, December 14: Proudly sponsored by Happy Feet Child Care

What is your most interesting Christmas object? See the answers here

FIFTH DAY: Saturday, December 15: Proudly sponsored by The Complete Garden

Where is your dream family Christmas destination?  A white Christmas or some time at the beach, See all the answers here.

SIXTH DAY: Monday, December 17: Proudly sponsored by Miss Mary Mac.

What is your worst Christmas present? Everyone gets a bad present at one time or another and there are some great ones here

SEVENTH DAY:  Tuesday, December 18: Proudly sponsored byMirvac - Orange City Centre

What is your best Christmas Lights photo? Check out some wonderful Christmas lights here. (addresses to the lights are at the bottom of each image.)

EIGHTH DAY: Wednesday, December 19: Proudly sponsored by Happy Feet Child Care. 

What is your best kids' Christmas drawing? 

NINTH DAY: Thursday, December 20: Proudly sponsored by Mirvac - Orange City Centre

What does your Christmas tree look like? There are some beautiful trees around this year. Have a look at our submissions here

TENTH DAY: Friday, December 21: Proudly sponsored by The Complete Garden

What is your favourite Christmas recipe? What a yummy Ham Glaze recipe? One was submitted here

ELEVENTH DAY: Saturday, December 22: Proudly sponsored by Miss Mary Mac.

What's your favourite Christmas outfit? A few photos of Christmas outfits here

TWELFTH DAY: Monday, December 24: Proudly sponsored by Happy Feet Child Care

Who would you like to invite for Christmas dinner? This is your last chance to win a Christmas prize! Simply submit your answer below, telling us who you would like to invite for Christmas dinner. Choose absolutely anyone, living or dead, and tell us in a couple of short sentences!